Vikas Mehra: Navigating The Global Apparel Industry With Three Decades Of Expertise

Vikas Mehra: Navigating The Global Apparel Industry With Three Decades Of Expertise

Vikas Mehra , CEO

Vikas Mehra


Shifting from his original career aspirations in accounts and finance, to embarking on his journey in the apparel sector, Vikas Mehra, the Chief Executive Officer of Pearl Global Industries, Bangladesh, is an industry expert with over three decades of expertise in the industry. He acquired knowledge of textile and apparel manufacturing and processing at various global locations and levels where his experiences included extensive travel, allowing him to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning different age groups and management hierarchies. This exposure has continually enriched his learning and understanding of the industry.

Vikas Mehra expresses deep gratitude to his family. He acknowledges his parents for consistently providing him with unwavering support and the best opportunities. He also recognizes the sacrifices made by his spouse in her own career pursuits and professional growth, as well as her steadfast presence by his side. Furthermore, he draws strength and motivation from his two sons, who have excelled in their academic and career paths, inspiring him to aspire for more. Let’s hear more from him in this interaction.

Could you please provide a concise overview of your professional journey and share what inspires your daily routines?

I've accumulated over three decades of experience in the Apparel Industry, encompassing various aspects of the supply chain, including sourcing and manufacturing. My expertise extends to establishing, managing, and enhancing manufacturing facilities across diverse regions such as the Middle East (Dubai, UAE & Amman, Jordan), North Africa (Cairo & Port Said, Egypt), Southeast Asia (Jakarta, Indonesia), and South Asia (Colombo, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh).

My enthusiasm for my profession serves as a constant source of motivation in my daily activities.

When you possess a clear vision of your objectives, you willingly put in the necessary effort to attain them. My greatest drive comes from the gratification of making a meaningful impact on the industry through my contributions.

Describe Pearl Global Industries as a company and its position within the market.

Pearl Global Industries (PGIL) is a multinational corporation characterized by its forward-thinking and collaborative management approach, fostering an environment where every team member has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Our organization’s vision is to be the global leader, providing end-to-end supply chain solutions to the fashion industry.

At Pearl Global, we place a high priority on continuous investments in technology and talent. We have established robust operational platforms and maintain a rigorous monitoring system. These elements collectively set the tone for our organization to outperform competitors and achieve consistent year-on-year growth.

Why should customers consider Pearl Global Industries as their preferred option?

Pearl Global Industries is a one stop shop for all Knitted and Woven Apparel needs, providing a holistic solution to produce and deliver high-quality products punctually, aligning perfectly with customer price expectations.

As the Chief Executive Officer, what are the factors you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

In my role, I closely align our strategies with the organization’s vision, ensuring a strong focus on customer needs and the overall group strategy. Placing significant emphasis on charting out mid and long-term growth objectives that are inclusive, involving active participation from our dedicated team.

Additionally, we maintain a vigilant and consistent approach to monitoring key areas such as costs, inventory management, and the collection and analysis of Management Information Systems (MIS) data. This diligent oversight enables us to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed to support our growth objectives.

Furthermore, our commitment to nurturing the skills and capabilities of our team members plays a vital role in our strategy. We recognize that a skilled and motivated workforce is essential to achieving sustainable growth.

Finally, maintaining regular and meaningful interactions with both existing and potential suppliers is essential. This proactive engagement allows us to stay abreast of market intelligence and trends, which in turn informs our strategic decisions and keeps us agile in a dynamic business landscape.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

I place a strong emphasis on fostering teamwork and collaboration within the organization. Effective communication and transparency are fundamental pillars of this approach, ensuring that information flows freely and that everyone is aligned with the common goals.

Additionally, I uphold an open-door policy, welcoming all team members to approach me at any time. It helps promote a culture of trust and accessibility, where individuals feel valued and heard.

To sum it up, my leadership approach centers on teamwork, transparent communication, and an open-door policy, all aimed at creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where every team member's voice is heard and valued.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future?

I believe in focusing on achieving excellence today, it will automatically lay the foundation for future success.

Considering your extensive professional experience, what counsel would you offer to emerging leaders in the industry?

One key piece of advice I would emphasize is the importance of continuous learning and attentive listening. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, staying receptive to new ideas and perspectives is crucial for growth and adaptability.

Furthermore, prioritize the value of teamwork. Collaborative efforts often yield better results than individual endeavors. Encourage a culture where the team's collective strengths are harnessed to achieve common objectives.

Avoid making assumptions. Instead, base your decisions on concrete data and reliable information. Thoroughly analyzing reports and numbers ensures that your choices are well-informed and rooted in facts.

Lastly, view every achievement as a steppingstone towards the next goal. A mindset of continuous improvement and progression is essential for sustained success in the industry.

Vikas Mehra, Chief Executive Officer

Vikas Mehra has received notable awards and recognition throughout his career. In 2009, he was honored with the 'Best Achiever and Service Award’, in 2022-23, under his leadership the Norp Knit Industries has won the prestigious 'Chairman's Award' for being the best business entity of the year and Prudent Industries Ltd. received the recognition of 'Best Manufacturing Unit' showcasing his commitment to excellence in the manufacturing sector.

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