Masaru Fuchinoue: A Visionary Leader Setting Milestones In Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Masaru Fuchinoue: A Visionary Leader Setting Milestones In Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Masaru Fuchinoue , Founder & CEO

Masaru Fuchinoue

Founder & CEO

Holding a diverse and extensive professional journey, Founder & CEO of FIVEHANGOUTS, Masaru Fuchinoue began his career in 2005, working at an IT advertising startup after graduating from Kanagawa University. In 2007, he participated in s1o as an executive officer at the time of the establishment of the company. Later in 2011, he sold the company's advertisement business and became President and Representative Director of s1o Interactive In 2016, he founded FIVEHANGOUTS and assumed the role of President and Representative Director.

His involvement in the industry continued as he became a project promotion advisor for the Japan’s leading advertising agency in 2017 and joined their digital division. In 2020, Masaru launched a Sports Marketing business at FIVEHANGOUTS and initiated several subsidiary and joint venture companies. In 2021, Masaru played a key role in providing Japan Market Entry Support for a UK company by launching GOAL APP JAPAN and was appointed as a Director. Under the guidance of Masaru, in January 2022, FIVEHANGOUTS merged with CEORY, and in February 2022, he was appointed as Director of CEORY and Challenging group management. Currently, in 2023, he is actively engaged in fostering entrepreneurs as an Operation member at the Hiroshima Innovation Base. Let’s hear more from him in this interaction.

Can you please provide a concise overview of your career progression and shed light on what motivated you to create FIVEHANGOUTS?

I began my professional journey by becoming part of an IT startup in 2005, eventually venturing out independently in 2007. My career took a significant turn in 2011 when I assumed the role of Representative Director until 2016 following a merger and acquisition with a publicly traded company. It was during this pivotal period that I established FIVEHANGOUTS in the same year. Our company specializes in Business Development Consulting Services, In-house Support for Digital Marketing Organizations, and Japan Market Entry Support for Foreign Enterprises.

Describe FIVEHANGOUTS as a company and its market standing.

FIVEHANGOUTS is shaping a next-generation type professional sharing organization with DAO. Furthermore, we are managing the service dedicated to sharing professional talents, which called as 'DAO BASE' and serves as a hub for linking skilled individuals with various projects.

Our aspiration is to foster a world where individuals can collaborate with global peers, constantly challenging themselves

In your role as the Founder & CEO, what criteria do you consider when formulating successful corporate expansion plans?

Our approach to achieving business growth does not involve simply trying to outperform competitors with a 'Number 1' strategy; instead, we focus on co-creation. While our current projects primarily revolve around the realm of digital marketing within a company, we are actively exploring strategies to facilitate a broader range of projects. This includes the creation of initiatives spanning various sectors like government, educational institutions, community revitalization, international collaborations linking Japan with other countries, and endeavors related to mergers and acquisitions, including business succession.

Could you elaborate on your team-building approach and your strategies for cultivating an innovative culture?

Our approach involves assembling project-specific DAO teams composed of skilled professionals to drive our business forward. We firmly believe that our services can thrive by offering growth prospects to experts in their respective domains. To facilitate this, we've established an environment that supports both virtual and in-person interactions and implemented a training program that empowers professional talent to develop and advance. Our vision is to establish teams that not only utilize the DAO BASE service but also bring together individuals and their aspirations.

Share with us your leadership philosophy. What principles or methodologies do you adhere to as a leader?

We hold the belief that genuine leadership is characterized by a harmonious mindset that balances work, family, and individuality, while also embodying the qualities that foster optimal outcomes. This entails the ongoing pursuit of personal and collective growth, rooted in gratitude, respect, self-actualization, and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Our objective is to develop a company capable of nurturing leaders and professionals who can facilitate opportunities for advancement.

Where do you envision your ultimate goal?

Our aspiration is to foster a world where individuals can collaborate with global peers, constantly challenging themselves. We steer our company with the objective of ‘reshaping the concept of work and enhancing its value.’

Considering your substantial professional expertise, what counsel would you offer to up-and-coming leaders in the field?

Have confidence in your capabilities, place your trust in your companions, and relish life alongside your most exceptional team.

Masaru Fuchinoue, Founder & CEO, Fivehangouts

Quick Facts:

  • Hobbies: Golf and hot spring
  • Favorite Cuisine: Japanese food and sushi
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Hot-spring area

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