Mediko Azwar: A Visionary Leader Recognized For Providing Innovative Solutions Rooted On Logical Thinking

Mediko Azwar: A Visionary Leader Recognized For Providing Innovative Solutions Rooted On Logical Thinking

  Mediko Azwar, Chief Marketing Officer

Mediko Azwar

Chief Marketing Officer

There is a widespread belief that analytical abilities and creativity are mutually exclusive and that they can only coexist in very few professionals. The left brain/right brain split or logic vs. intuition is a common way of framing this debate. But in reality, it is proven that leaders who have a well-balanced left and right brain can introduce fresh and inventive ideas while also considering the consequences and assessing the long-term potential of such ideas. An ideal example to illustrate this phenomenon is the Chief Marketing Officer of Bluebird Group – Mediko Azwar.

When it comes to leadership, it's difficult to find someone with Mediko Azwar's combination of analytical and creative powers in one person. Since his early days in the marketing industry, he has consistently shown his abilities as a consumer marketer and company leader across several businesses and genres.

Below is an excerpt of Mediko’a exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What inspired you to venture into the marketing domain and what drives you today?

After graduating with two engineering degrees, I started my professional job in the same industry, but I felt incomplete. And it's through marketing that I've discovered my genuine passion and purpose in life. Marketing is a blend of art and science for me, and ACNielsen was a fantastic fit for my requirements, so I began my marketing career there. During that period, I learned to appreciate the value of data in making judgments and remained inquisitive about the industry. I then spent 13 years working in several global fast-moving consumer goods organizations, after which I left the FMCG industry to work in other sectors.

Later, having worked for five years in non-FMCG companies and helped grow the business of Grab in Indonesia becoming the first decacorn in South-East Asia, I took a two-and-a-half- year hiatus from the corporate sector to pursue my dream of being a professional coach. Individuals are always at the heart of great businesses, and it excites me to learn how I can best support those people as they work to achieve their own personal and professional goals. Then, last year, I joined Bluebird Group after realizing that marketing, in addition to coaching, has always been a passion of mine.

A marketer must always be on the cutting edge of trends if they want to remain relevant and successful


How would you define Bluebird Group as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?

Bluebird Group has been in business for more than 50 years now. In terms of market share, it's been one of the most innovative firms in the industry. My initial impression of this firm was the tremendous feeling of belonging that I had from being a part of it. As a result of the business being created by a mom with three kids that were forced to be entrepreneurs, the values and culture of an organization are firmly andtime-shared. I believe it's pretty natural. There are principles like integrity and calving incorporated at every level of the system.

Before joining Bluebird, I was always curious as to how this organization could give safety, comfort, and reliable service in a variety of settings. And I discovered that Bluebird Group has been constantly improving its services to keep up with the shifting market trends. I found that Bluebird has great combinations between preserving human connections and embarking on transformation agenda as a mobility service core. Bluebird was the first taxi firm to begin utilizing the metering tool since many cabs were still using the negotiating approach, which was frequently unpleasant to customers. The foundation has now transformed and adapted to changing consumer requirements. In addition, we are the first taxi company to provide a specific fleet for the disabled, and we are also utilized to enable vaccinations for those with impairments. To top it all off, Bluebird isthe first taxi service to employ CNG and EV vehicles, leading the way in green transportation.

Bluebird has a target beyond numbers. As we believe in the Bluebird name which means “Bird of Happiness”, we have a purpose to spread happiness  to others: bring greater impact on the environment and society. Our 50th-anniversary theme “50 years spreading happiness” reminds us why we exist.

What are the major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?

As I stated earlier, I have an engineering background  and had no previous marketing-related expertise. It wasn't simple for me to go into marketing since I didn't have any previous experience, therefore in my earlier career, I was often overlooked for jobs. In addition, I needed to learn something new from start, and all the information I possess now was acquired on the job. As time passed, I overcame the obstacles in my path and showed those who doubted my abilities that I am capable of exceeding the expectations of those in the marketing sector.

Now that I have been working in this field for over two decades, I can confidently say that I've risen to the position of industry leader owing to my experience and skills

In the light of your strong industry experience, what advice would you give to aspiring leaders in the marketing domain?

marketer must always be on the cutting edge of  trends if they want to remain relevant and successful. As customers have gotten more fragmented and we are now dealing with several channels, contemporary marketing has become more complicated. As a result, we must undo everything we've learned to prevent complacency and narrow thinking. We need to keep up with the times, stay curious and interested, and keep an eye on our consumers so we stay relevant to market dynamics. As a coach and mentor, in regards to people and organization, I believe that the leaders must act as coaches and mentors and be able to continuously inspire their team, and give them space to try and make mistakes. Given the more complex marketing becomes, breaking down silos even within  the marketing organization, analyzing marketing organizations to sustain high engagement and collaboration, and allowing room for innovation may create a greater impact.

Mediko Azwar, Chief Marketing Officer, Bluebird Group 

Mediko Azwar completed his Bachelor in Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, and later acquired two master’s degrees in the same domain such as Telecommunication Engineering and MSc in Informatics. He then decided to make a career switch and commenced his professional journey in marketing working with ACNielsen. Today, Mediko is one of the recognized compassionate leaders with solid FMCG and consumer marketing experience.

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