Melboy Pangan: Shaping Tomorrow's Business Landscape With Strategic Foresight & People-Centric Innovation

Melboy Pangan: Shaping Tomorrow's Business Landscape With Strategic Foresight & People-Centric Innovation

Melboy Pangan , Head - Strategy & Business Development

Melboy Pangan

Head - Strategy & Business Development

Companies with leaders who are skilled at turning creative ideas into practical results through well-planned strategies have a significant competitive advantage. These leaders ensure that every idea not only fits the market but also gets executed smoothly, increasing the chances of success.

Melboy Pangan is the Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Asticom Group of Companies. He is known for being a forward-thinking strategist who is passionate about making a positive impact by leveraging the power of technology and people. Melboy is committed to identifying and capturing promising business opportunities, with a particular focus on the dynamic Asia-Pacific region where he uses his strategic expertise to drive significant growth.

Below is an excerpt of Melboy Pangan’s exclusive interview with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far?

I am a Filipino born and raised in the Netherlands. I called the Dutch country my home for many years. I studied at the Rotterdam School of Management, focusing on International Business and Economics. Later, I pursued postgraduate studies in Strategic Management. After relocating to the Philippines, I worked in various roles, including consulting, HR, and tech startups, where I helped management teams discover and realize untapped growth opportunities. Now, as the Head of Strategy and Business Development at Asticom, I enjoy solving real-world problems and turning abstract ideas into tangible outcomes for people and businesses. My motivation to drive change keeps me going, especially when I encounter new challenges. I see myself as a catalyst for meaningful innovation.

What notable milestones define your journey? And what's your enduring success mantra driving consistent positive outcomes?

My journey's milestones aren't singular events but rather rooted in a daring choice to leave the Netherlands and move to the Philippines. This move serves as a commitment to help organizations grow through my contributions. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence, we’ve achieved milestones together, including expanding markets, forming impactful partnerships, and improving their strategies. Empowering Filipinos fuels my drive.

As for my success mantra, I firmly advocate continuous and lifelong learning. Progress hinges on absorbing fresh insights - be it from colleagues, partners, or the challenges we face. Transforming setbacks into lessons aids both personal and team growth. Success, for me, is embracing self-improvement. My biggest achievement isn’t defined by the accolades I’ve received throughout my career. It’s the courage to walk into uncharted territories and inspire change.

Define Asticom Group of Companies as an organization and its position in the market.

Asticom Group of Companies, a subsidiary of the Globe Group in the Philippines, is a tech- enabled shared services and outsourcing provider. Established in 2015, we've grown to over 5,000 professionals serving 200+ clients nationwide, surpassing PHP3 billion in revenue last year. Our four subsidiaries include ABSI (technology-focused shared services), FINSI (engineering and tech), HCX (digital business solutions), and Acquiro (workforce and talent platform). Our goal is to enhance Filipinos' lives through our services.

Our distinctive approach combines staffing, technology, and outsourcing to craft tailored solutions, addressing challenges with a human-centric perspective. As part of the Ayala Group, the Philippines' oldest conglomerate, we have access to vast networks, partnerships, and resources, propelling our business.

What are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand operations and engage new audiences in the market?

At Asticom, our commitment to growth, innovation, and engagement drives our exploration of new markets and audiences. Our primary focus is expanding into the Asia-Pacific market, leveraging our market expertise, cultural awareness, and technology prowess. Strategic partnerships are instrumental in extending our reach and enhancing our service offerings, such as our acquisition of HCX in 2021, which bolstered our HR tech solutions and customer base. Innovation is ingrained in our culture, evident in the launch of NXT, our talent technology platform powered by Acquiro.

We are equally dedicated to promoting our 'Best of Both Worlds' culture, striking a balance between corporate stability and startup vitality. This approach emphasizes professional and personal growth and work-life integration, solidifying our position as a top-tier employer, and appealing to both clients and employees.

To navigate market changes effectively, we employ several strategies. Continuous monitoring keeps us informed about market trends, customer behaviors, and competitor activities. Customer-centricity ensures we adapt to evolving customer needs. Collaborations with strategic partners drive innovation, helping us stay ahead. We embrace disruptive technologies as opportunities for reinvention and remain committed to sustainability, aligning our adaptations with long-term goals of improving businesses and people's lives.

What advice would you offer to emerging professionals?

My leadership philosophy embodies servant leadership, empowering my team and fostering resilience and growth. Embracing failure as a learning opportunity and encouraging stepping beyond comfort zones unlock untapped potential.

In my experience, a business's success hinges on its people. We prioritize connecting individuals with purposeful careers, emphasizing meaning and job satisfaction. Working with diverse generations, like Gen Z and Millennials, highlights their readiness to excel with the right support.

At Asticom, we're committed to a sustainable workforce, prioritizing diversity, equal opportunities, and work-life balance, while emphasizing continuous learning and well-being.

For emerging leaders, my advice centers on four principles: nurture visionary acumen, excel in execution, champion collaborative leadership, and cultivate curiosity. These principles fuel success in the dynamic landscape of strategy, offering a solid foundation for future leaders.

Melboy Pangan, Head - Strategy & Business Development, Asticom Group of Companies

Melboy Pangan, a visionary strategist, is revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge technology and go-to-market strategies. Backed by an international track record in helping leaders realize untapped growth, he combines innovative thinking with strategic execution to drive transformation.

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