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Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz , Chief Strategy Officer

Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz

Chief Strategy Officer

For strategy officers, the synergy between creative innovation and distinct execution forms the cornerstone of success. Balancing imaginative ideation with rigorous implementation is essential in today's dynamic business landscape. This fusion generates groundbreaking strategies and ensures their practical realization. In an era where agility and innovation are paramount, strategy officers who integrate creativity with precision hold the key to effective and transformative approaches, propelling organizations toward sustained growth and relevance. In this context, Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz stands as an exemplary Chief Strategy Officer, emphasizing the paramount importance of this synthesis.

Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz is a renowned Chief Strategy Officer, embodying exceptional strategic expertise within the corporate sphere. With a career adorned by visionary insights and transformative leadership, she has become a driving force in strategic planning and organizational growth.

Below is an excerpt of Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

How has your career path unfolded so far? What drove you to assume the position of Chief Strategy Officer?

While my degree in interior design might not seem directly aligned, my career journey has been intriguing. Transitioning into the corporate arena, I initially entered the F&B sector as an Operations Manager and later rose to the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. Since my inception in 2001, I adeptly managed a team of 650 employees. My hands-on approach involved mastering processes and nurturing employee relations. I was the driving force in establishing the entire HR department, notably in a male-dominated management landscape. From crafting comprehensive job descriptions to guiding employee development and overseeing a 100 percent franchise expansion, my impact was significant.

My Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certifications underscore my operational finesse. Crafting tailored tools and systems, I facilitated cohesive interdepartmental workflows, optimizing operations. My expertise in designing policies, processes, and guidelines empowers employees, leading to an environment of efficiency. I thrive on synergizing departments, ensuring a seamless and productive work atmosphere.

I am a staunch advocate of preventive measures, recognizing their distinct advantage over mere proactivity. By studying processes and instituting policies that stand-in interdepartmental cohesion, I create a seamless environment where no department struggles due to inefficient processes

What specific insights have you acquired while holding this role?

In my role as Chief Strategy Officer, I pioneered brand creation and gained invaluable insights into several key areas. I spearheaded a transformation in our corporate identity, transitioning from a traditional to a modern brand. This encompassed strategic communication and cutting-edge marketing efforts, significantly enhancing our market presence. I led the successful attainment of ISO Quality Management 9001:2015 certification within just two months. This achievement involved refining our processes, policies, and interdepartmental workflows to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency. I streamlined operations through bespoke tools, systematizing manual tasks into efficient digital interfaces, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient work environment. My expertise lies in optimizing departmental processes to align with our predominant objectives, ultimately mastering a culture of growth and efficiency within the organization.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My strategic approach is characterized by a strong commitment to thoroughness and employee engagement, while my leadership style is marked by directness and integrity. I believe in leading by example, immersing myself deeply in the intricacies of our processes to ensure accuracy and alignment with our strategic goals. I am known for my direct and transparent communication style, actively involving myself and the entire team in decision-making processes. To ensure the team's success, I place significant emphasis on comprehensive employee training, initially providing close guidance to ensure their readiness before gradually transitioning into a more hands-off role.

Transparency, honesty, and collaboration are the core of my leadership style. I firmly believe that having a vision is only the beginning; it is the flawless execution that truly matters. This adopts a culture of precision where every action is methodically aligned with our overarching strategic vision, leaving no opportunity untapped and consistently stay ahead of the curve. My leadership style embodies inclusivity, focusing on providing the right training and guidance while attaining self-sufficiency. My goal is to empower each team member to excel independently, thereby promoting growth on multiple levels and excellence across the organization. I create a work environment that encourages individuals to freely express their ideas, take initiative, and collaboratively pursue common goals. This approach plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, nurturing a resilient team culture, and paving the way for long-term success for the organization. I actively drive my teams to embrace change as a catalyst for innovation and to adapt our strategies in real-time, enabling our organization to outrival.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?

In my role as Chief Strategy Officer, I honed expertise in business strategies, process mapping, and brand management, driven by a strong commitment to knowing and elevating market positioning not just by name but in totality of its performance, finance and reputation. My approach thrives on crafting unique and innovative branding concepts, steering clear of conformity to carve an exclusive niche. My forte lies in generating fresh, creative ideas and business strategies that not only bolster the brand but also convey ease and resonance with the audience. While not necessarily the pioneer in the industry, I strive to introduce novel perspectives that set us apart.

Looking ahead, I envision continuing my journey in the corporate world, contributing my expertise in business strategies and brand management. I am also contemplating the possibility of establishing my own venture, possibly as a Chief Operating Officer. Engaging in organic farming within my family sphere provides inspiration and a possible path to channel my background in the food industry. Just as I have prioritized employees' growth, I envision applying the same principle to my own enterprise. The ultimate goal remains to craft an enduring legacy through innovative brand strategies and sustainable initiatives.

Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz, Chief Strategy Officer, PESO Resources Development Corp

Marie Jennifer Huynh Cruz is a distinguished Chief Strategy Officer renowned for visionary insights and unwavering commitment to precise execution. With a proven track record of orchestrating innovative strategies, she adeptly navigates dynamic business landscapes, seamlessly merging creative ingenuity with strategic precision.

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