Mudasir Ali Shah: Providing A Perfect Blend Of Elegance & Transforming Visions Into Captivating Realities

Mudasir Ali Shah: Providing A Perfect Blend Of Elegance & Transforming Visions Into Captivating Realities

Mudasir Ali Shah , COO

Mudasir Ali Shah


The interior design industry is constantly evolving. Biophilic design, with its emphasis on integrating nature into indoor spaces, has gained significant traction, promoting well-being and sustainability. The interior design industry is experiencing unprecedented growth due to Urbanization and rising disposable incomes driving demand for expertly designed spaces. Despite the excitement surrounding interior design, consumers in the interior design industry encounter challenges such as budget constraints, conflicting preferences, finding reliable designers, and managing project timelines. Addressing these challenges, Mudasir Ali Shah bridges diverse cultural design elements, from Andalusian to Italian to Asian styles, transforming dreams into reality. From project inception to execution, he turns design concepts into operational marvels.

Mudasir Ali Shah, the COO transforms aspirations into tangible results, overseeing the entire execution process. He coordinates suppliers, designers, and clients, integrating diverse industry components to bring interior design visions to life. His vision, dedication and expertise helps customers dream homes and businesses come true also turning designers' visions into practical reality in the interior design industry. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia, Mudasir Ali Shah enlightens us more about his professional traits and Location Interiors and Fitouts.

Could you give a brief account of your professional journey and what motivates your daily routines?

Having garnered extensive experience with multinational giants like Microsoft and EMAAR Properties, a major Middle East property developer I've cultivated a profound understanding of the real estate industry. My expertise spans across 11 countries including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, India, Canada, and Turkey to name a few in property development, and designs. After mastering property development, I seamlessly transitioned into Facilities Management, overseeing maintenance, and delving into the intricate mechanical and electrical aspects of real estate. Motivated by a three-generation family legacy in property development, I took the initiative to establish my own successful real estate company, The Location Real Estate, which thrived in Dubai. Building upon these invaluable relationships, I ventured into Location Interiors, specializing in property upgrades and transformations. To ensure the highest quality and maintain my unwavering passion for creating exceptional spaces, I assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) within the company. My profound passion for crafting innovative designs is deeply ingrained in both my industry and my job profile. I am all about driving fresh, original creations, I love starting from a blank canvas and designing and overseeing the execution of unparalleled works of art.

How would you define your company and its positioning in the market? Could you shed some light on the services that your company is known for?

The Location Interiors and Fitouts is dedicated to customer satisfaction and happiness. Rather than reinventing the wheel, our company strives to do exactly what others are doing but with greater efficiency and care. Our core agenda revolves around achieving the client's vision and dreams while providing exceptional services. In the market, we are known for our cross-cultural diversity in design ideas, as we collaborate with designers from Italy, France, Persia, and Asia. Our team of highly efficient professionals, from carpenters to engineers, ensures seamless coordination and exceptional project outcomes. What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of client happiness and our commitment to maintaining high industry standards. At the Location Interiors, we offer comprehensive interior design and fitout services for residential and commercial properties. With. Our USP lies in the impeccable collaboration of our design team and the efficient coordination among our technical and service providers. We ensure that the end product exceeds our client's expectations and stands as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We design homes and commercial spaces that are the visual stories of the client

What factors do you consider in defining long-term business goals, and how do you maintain longevity and high-quality services in your business?

My aim is to drive innovation in the design and execution of each project that together with my team are aligned with our customer's vison. Ensure a culture of continuous learning and excellence, better every day. While making our customers love their newly designed spaces, I have imbibed a deep sense of longevity and high standards from working with industry giants such as Microsoft, Emaar, & Etisalat early in my career. To maintain quality, I foster a learning culture within my team. Regular training sessions keep our designers and technical staff updated with the latest technologies and product knowledge. By staying relevant and delivering optimal services, we ensure our clients' satisfaction and continue building enduring relationships.

As a leader, what is your approach to guiding your team, and what advice would you offer young entrepreneurs? What are your plans?

As a leader I am here to serve others and empower my team through clear communication and transparency I believe in sharing knowledge and that regardless of where you are in your career there is an opportunity to learn something new each day from all your stakeholders including customers. Understanding their perspectives helps me implement projects that align with their vision and needs. For young entrepreneurs, I suggest gaining expertise by working with experts in their field and learning from the experts. By implementing experts' unique ideas and aspirations, they can create successful ventures while staying true to their vision and passion which will be a driving force to succeed.

In the year ahead, we are venturing into the innovative field of rejuvenating established communities with modern designs, refurbishing hotels, and transforming traditional homes into striking contemporary marvels.

Mudasir Ali Shah, COO, Location Interiors and Fitouts

Mudasir Ali Shah, collaborates with interior designers, to create bespoke designs that surpass expectations. His unwavering commitment to excellence and eco-conscious practices ensures that each project is a harmonious blend of style and functionality, leaving a lasting impression in the interior design industry.

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