Muhammed Tayyab: A Motivated Professional Expert Driving The Dubai Real Estate Development

Muhammed Tayyab: A Motivated Professional Expert Driving The Dubai Real Estate Development

Muhammed Tayyab , COO

Muhammed Tayyab


With the globalization of businesses and economies today, the world has undergone a paradigm shift, and huge disruptions & developments have been witnessed across industries. However, the real estate sector is one that’s still observing prolific growth. In fact, Dubai’s real estate market is booming and is predicted to reach AED300 billion by the end of 2023, domineered by Proptech space demands. Muhammed Tayyab, Chief Operating Officer at The Roof Properties (a Real Estate Investment Consultancy) is one of the upcoming leaders in the space and already making a mark leveraging his acquired skills & knowledge to the company’s clients. Let’s get to know him in-depth!

Could you give a brief account about your professional journey and what inspired you to take a career path in the legal domain?

So my career journey in Dubai, ticks from 2019, when I first came here and joined the real estate space as a real estate agent in Sharjah. Honestly, I wasn't a real estate or salesperson at my initial career stage. Having diploma in Graphics design, instead I was a Design student by profession, and an artist by passion before coming to Dubai. Even while planning to come to Dubai, I thought that I would pursue my passion as a designer. However, life has its own twist of turns. As my elder brother was already working here in Real Estate, I joined him and started learning about real estate and also got certified from Harvard Online Business School. The learning gave me a very good opportunity to develop myself and strengthen my future. I have learned a lot about the real estate space over the years and how things go about. I believe that I am at one of the best places and platforms right now and wish to grow prolifically ahead.

Define The Roof Properties as an organization and its position in the market.

The Roof Properties is a subsidiary of The Roof Group by Trust Vision (The Holding company) incepted in 2019 in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. The purpose of starting this company was the founders' genuine interests as the company's partners were already huge real estate investors. The company has helped a lot of investors from different fields, and now even we are helping the visitors who are coming to Dubai to equip them on investing in Dubai teaching them different strategies.

Our strategies are very different from the market. We are not the ones who just do marketing campaigns, get the leads, and do sales. We create investment policies for people who are looking to invest and guide them in making investments. For us, it's majorly about making better connections with the clientele. Our company, ‘The Roof Properties’, in the UAE, even recorded Dh180 million in real estate transactions in 180 days after launching its third branch in Dubai in July 2022. In 2023, we achieved 14th position for a top Dubai developer and we sold over 500 million of real estate volume, including EMAAR and Sobha, the developers.

As the COO, what are the factors you look into when shaping the company’s policy?

Within our expansive organizational framework, which boasts numerous team leaders, my role involves collaborating with the Vice President to manage KPIs and establish monthly/quarterly objectives for various departments such as sales, management, and marketing. Additionally, I oversee employee performance, facilitate training initiatives, and handle financial responsibilities, including budgeting for marketing, sales, and other PR endeavors.

Our CEO is a dynamic marketing visionary who develops innovative strategies, creating short films and documentaries that narrate our journey and development. My responsibilities extend to enhancing operational efficiencies, streamlining processes, and staying well-informed about emerging trends and advancements, all in pursuit of delivering superior service to our clients.

How do you keep track of the company’s progress and ensure the business is running smoothly? Are there any methods/metrics you imply?

We have a fully developed ERP system for the whole group and thus have integrated all the employees, including our management into it. This system also helps with employees’ monthly & quarterly evaluations, delineating how the line managers have been evaluating employees’ standards. Even management and peer evaluation are done for better work management. These evaluations play a very important role in developing strategies and determining whether the work is going as planned. The board of directors, the CEO, the Vice Presidents, and I sit together to develop all the long-term goals, ensuring we all follow the same goal.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?

Our company has grand aspirations. It's not just about being a top-tier property developer in Dubai with an extensive real estate portfolio. We're on a mission to establish ourselves as a brand that's instantly recognizable – 'The Roof Group.' When we gaze into the future, we see our business expanding beyond our current branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, along with a new branch in Dubai. Additionally, we're eyeing Saudi Arabia for our next venture. I'm thrilled to be a part of The Roof Group today, and I'm committed to contributing to its ongoing growth and success.

What is your anticipation about the market going forward? Based on your industry experience, what would be your advice to future industry leaders?

Given the elevating demands, due to the prolific establishments across the region, the safety factors there, and the business landscape evolution, including others, the future for the real estate sector seems very promising going forward in the Dubai region.

Even the region has more than 5,000 registered agents working in Dubai, as of now. The agents are more than the clients that are looking for the property. So, if you are planning to come here into this real estate industry, you must be prepared to face cut-throat challenges and thereby establish. The professionals in the space are really hard to compete with. My advice is to be sharp, stay motivated, and not lose confidence, and thrive the completion with all your power.

Muhammed Tayyab, Chief Operating Officer, The Roof Properties

An emerging professional, motivated leader, real estate expert, sales mentor, and team controller with significant skills and adeptness in the industry, committed to effectively help clients with real estate investment.


Favorite Hobbies- e-Gaming

Favorite Cuisine- Pakistani

Favorite Travel Destination- Prague, Czech Republic

Favorite Book- Rich Dad Poor Dad

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