Neil Adrian Grospe: A Leader Driving Innovation In The Accounting & Finance Industry

Neil Adrian Grospe: A Leader Driving Innovation In The Accounting & Finance Industry

Neil Adrian Grospe , Co-Founder

Neil Adrian Grospe


The Financial Service sector plays a crucial role in supporting businesses with their financial operations and decisionmaking. These companies offer a range of services such as accounting, financial reporting, and financial planning to assist organizations in managing their finances effectively. One notable professional in this industry is Neil Adrian Grospe, co-founder of the Global Finance Teams (GFT). With 10+ years of experience and a CPA certification, Neil is highly knowledgeable in accounting standards and their practical applications. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy from the University of Santo Tomas, he also serves as an Alumni Leader, demonstrating his commitment to his alma mater. Neil thrives under pressure, drives innovation, and contributes to GFT's growth and success. Let’s read these interview snippets to know more.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional journey?

I have over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, starting at EY Philippines where I worked as an Audit Assurance and gained experience in various industries. I also took part in initiatives such as integrating data analytics into audits and providing training to employees at all levels. Later, I joined a major media conglomerate as a Financial Planning and Reporting Manager, where I met the co-founders of GFT. In May 2020, we established GFT. With GFT, I held finance manager and controller roles at various real estate private equity firms. In June 2023, I focused my efforts on growing our Philippine operations with an emphasis on process design and operational standardization.

Can you share the unique experiences and nonacademic learnings provided by the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines?

The University of Santo Tomas stands out among other top universities in the country due to its consistent  production of high-quality graduates. It offers academic programs that meet international standards while providing a range of social activities for students to engage in. During my time at the University, I served on the executive team of the accountancy organization. The role allowed me to interact with fellow accounting students both within and outside the university. Together with other organization officers, we organized corporate exposure events, non-academic activities, and networking opportunities for accountancy students. Through these experiences, I was able to forge professional relationships with a diverse group of individuals and create enjoyable moments outside of school.

How would you define Global Finance Teams as an organization and its current position in the market?

GFT, founded in 2020, is a dynamic organization providing premier managed finance services. We attract top-tier professionals through a rigorous selection process, ensuring expertise tailored to client's needs based on their geographical location. The close collaboration between the employees and founders enables real-time coaching and professional  development for employees to serve our valued clients better. Our focus is on enhancing our culture and processes to create a harmonious work-life balance for our exceptional team while delivering efficient client service.

What is your leadership approach? What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach is primarily focused on coaching. This style developed through my experience in various financial services firms, where the integration of people and technical skills is crucial for positive results. I agree with the concept that the team should understand and imbue the overall project objectives and team members’ individual roles. That allows us to manage effectively and efficiently the internal and external stakeholders. I usually initiate and facilitate a meeting or call, where we discuss the problem, gather recommendations from each team member, and come up with an overall solution. As a leader, I want to give a platform for team members to share their ideas, be open to discussions, and involve them in the decisionmaking process. Though there are a lot of coordination aspects to this approach, it is not overly rigid. I have  noticed that this style empowers individuals and fosters open communication within the team.

My ultimate goal is to utilize my talents & opportunities to serving others, spreading positive contribution to the community

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

In the next five years, my focus is on growing GFT into an organization that not only helps businesses optimize their costs but also fosters a sustainable environment for professionals. Simultaneously, I aim to expand my professional networks by pursuing further studies and certifications. This will enable me to introduce new services or establish a niche for GFT in the market. While I remain open to future finance opportunities in the corporate or government sector, my ultimate goal is to utilize my talents and opportunities to serve others, spreading positive contributions to the community. Looking ahead, as I prepare to get married and start a family, I strive for a fulfilling life where I can dedicate my time to serving God by becoming a better servant to the people around me, be it through another enterprise or involvement in social movements.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

My advice to aspiring industry leaders is to specialize early on in a specific industry or related field for optimal success and dedicate your work to God. By investing more time and focus into one area, you’ll find yourself a niche that can open doors for future opportunities. As you grow, you'll gain a broader perspective and easily identify strategic positions and opportunities. Specialization offers a clear advantage and vantage point for success. Be grateful to the one that gives you the purpose and the people that helped you along the way. Persistency and faith are crucial in your professional journey.

Neil Adrian Grospe, Co-Founder, Global Finance Teams

With over 10 years of experience in finance, I am actively engaged in organizations that support the growth of spiritual, career and family life. I have a passion for exploring and knowing different cultures through their food and to circumnavigate the world. Also, I’m a sports enthusiast, I enjoy following major basketball leagues in my home country, US and Europe and once finished an ironman 70.3 race in Cebu. Excitingly, I will be getting married in the coming months, looking forward to starting a family with blessings from above.

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