Nicolas Sautter: A Journey Of Innovation, Growth & Transformative Leadership

Nicolas Sautter: A Journey Of Innovation, Growth & Transformative Leadership

Nicolas Sautter , CEO

Nicolas Sautter


Every construction firm must allocate resources towards construction machinery as it plays a crucial role in every development endeavour. Utilizing equipment expedites tasks, ensuring projects are completed on schedule. beez-fm, a Facility Management company based in Singapore, specializes in providing BMS as a Service (BaaS). Leveraging advanced technology including smart devices, IoT, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence, they offer highly efficient and innovative BMS solutions, eliminating the need for upfront investments. The dedicated team at beez-fm possesses a wealth of industry expertise, having worked extensively in both the European and Asia Pacific regions. They have played a significant role in successful projects with global airports, and pharmaceutical and IT corporations, aiding clients in achieving various environmental certifications such as LEED, BREAM, Green Mark, and other relevant local Green Building certifications. Nicolas Sautter, CEO of beez-fm Pte Ltd has consistently played a pivotal role in driving innovation and elevating the organization to a prominent position within the industry. During an exclusive interview, Nicolas provided insights into the industry's operations and discussed his early life and future aspirations.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional path and the driving force behind your daily routine?

Before venturing into my current organization, my background shaped a unique journey. I initiated my career after obtaining an IT engineering certification in France and delved into various roles in the IT field. Initially managing an internet retailer's website and inventory, I transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding a versatile service company called 'Tous Services' which meant All Services. Unfortunately, unforeseen taxation challenges led to its closure. Subsequently, I moved to Switzerland and joined a company called Sauter, starting in IT and then transitioning to product management. This role involved pioneering cloud solutions for building management systems, requiring rapid familiarization with building operations and pursuing marketing and product management education in Zurich. This diverse background now informs my current endeavours.

Describe beez-fm as a company and its market standing.

In 2012, I diligently worked for two years to develop the first cloud-based building management system, a groundbreaking initiative at that time. However, educating the market about cloud technology was a challenge. My role then transitioned to promoting this innovative system across Europe, covering various countries. Over a span until mid-2015, I successfully sold 160 projects across Europe and beyond, focusing on energy-efficient building management solutions. Yet, a significant market discrepancy caught my attention — a resistance to investing in efficient solutions. In 2015, I expanded my horizons to Asia, primarily Shanghai and later Singapore, where I initiated my own company, beez-fm, in December 2019. beez-fm addresses the critical market gap by offering comfort-focused, energy-efficient solutions instead of merely selling products. We are unique in our approach, focusing on comfort and guaranteeing energy savings for our clients. The industry is evolving, and we foresee those not adapting to this transformative approach facing challenges in the coming years.

In your role as the CEO, what criteria do you consider when devising successful strategies for corporate expansion?

When crafting my growth strategy, I focus on a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Understanding the market dynamics, external factors, customer behaviours, energy cost trends, and the competitive landscape is crucial. Additionally, staying updated on technological advancements is vital as we develop our own products and consider potential integrations. Internally, I assess our strengths and weaknesses, leveraging our strengths to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate weaknesses. This approach guides my strategic decision-making.

Describe your leadership style and the principles or methods you adhere to as a leader.

For me, leadership is distinct, emphasizing a social aspect. While my company is based in Asia, I introduce a leadership style that's beyond giving orders — it's about motivating individuals towards a common goal. I actively engage employees in decision-making and results. An example is when a young intern questioned a project's approach, prompting a collective brainstorming session to weigh the best options. There's a belief in inclusivity, valuing collaboration and leveraging everyone's strengths and ideas. This, to me, defines effective leadership.

How do you encourage innovation in your team and keep them updated on tech trends to maintain a competitive edge?

I stay consistently informed by actively researching, reading, and maintaining a strong network within the industry. My knowledge encompasses insights from customers, competitors, and prominent companies, ensuring I keep up with product releases and developments in the field. Additionally, I pay close attention to emerging trends brought forth by newer players in the market, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the industry landscape.

What is your envisioned future destination?

We have a well-defined company growth strategy, particularly in terms of expanding into new countries. Our focus is on growth in Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, and possibly New Zealand, in addition to our existing presence in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. Beyond geographical expansion, our vision has evolved. While we've been concentrating on providing Building Management System (BMS) solutions, we are now broadening our horizons. Observing various developments, especially in indoor farming, where environmental control is critical, we are venturing into a new development platform called 'Riza'. Riza is a versatile platform that caters to air quality, wellness, building management, and indoor farming. Our overarching goal is to achieve a company valuation of 100 million Singapore dollars within the next five years.

Nicolas Sautter, CEO, beez-fm

Drawing on extensive experience in both Europe and Asia, Nicolas Sautter has observed a recurring problem: decision-makers opting for inexpensive yet unreliable devices and outdated Building Management Systems (BMS) designs to minimize capital expenditures (CAPEX). However, this approach invariably leads to diminished building efficiency, elevated operational expenditures (OPEX), and an unwarranted spike in carbon footprint.  

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