Nirosh Nathan & Thurairaj: Catalyzing Holistic Wellness With Profound Expertise, Passion, & Guided Support

Nirosh Nathan & Thurairaj: Catalyzing Holistic Wellness With Profound Expertise, Passion, & Guided Support

Nirosh Nathan , Founder

Nirosh Nathan


In the vibrant landscape of Malaysian startups, a particular startup emerges with a shared vision of promoting holistic well-being. Move X Health, led by individuals Nirosh Nathan and Thurai­raj, champions a transformative approach to health and fitness. Nirosh's vast qualifications and achieve­ments in the Health and fitness realm, combined with Thurairaj's expertise in physiotherapy and rehabilita­tion, form the dynamic duo behind Move X Health. This innovative initiative intertwines movement-ori­ented exercises with comprehensive health coaching, pain management, and rehabilitation services. Their joint commitment to empowering individuals to em­brace an active lifestyle, coupled with their dedication to expert guidance, fuels a unique endeavor that's re­shaping wellness paradigms in Malaysia and beyond.

In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Nirosh and Thurairaj unfold the compelling nuances of their entrepreneurial journey, leadership style and future roadmap for Move X Health. Here's an excerpt from our intriguing conversation.

Define Move X Health as an organization and its position in the market.

Nirosh: We introduced Move X Health, in 2017, which is an acronym for ‘Movement-Oriented, Very Efficient Exercise.' Our services encompass fitness, pain man­agement, rehabilitation, and health coaching which are four pivotal pillars. My partner specializes in re­habilitation and physiotherapy, while my expertise lies in functional fitness and health coaching. Our synergy amplifies these core areas, optimizing com­prehensive support for holistic wellness. Through Move X Health, we've cultivated a multifaceted ap­proach that empowers individuals to embrace move­ment, health, and vitality, uniting expertise to create a transformative journey. We proudly stand within the top five contenders in our industry, bolstered by the latest reviews and cutting-edge research in our specialized field. Our position at the forefront is re­inforced by the exceptional reviews, highlighting our commitment to excellence in services.

We redefine wellness at Move X Health, where every step is a transformative journey towards a healthier, stronger you

How do you ensure that the company’s programs suit the needs of each individual?

Nirosh: I advocate against quick-fix approaches, such as supplement consumption or traditional gym rou­tines. Instead, prioritizing holistic wellness is crucial. Professional guidance ensures information remains relevant and aligns with high standards, solving challenges while enriching lives sustainably. This ap­proach shifts focus to embracing nature's wisdom for lasting betterment, fostering a profound connection to our natural essence and longevity.

Nirosh Nathan, Founder, Move X Health

Nirosh Nathan ,FounderThurairaj: In my role as a co-founder, I p rioritize initiating a client-centered process. Commencing with an in-depth consultation, I strive to understand their objectives and aspirations. Subsequently, a comprehensive health and fitness assessment is conducted to establish their baseline, providing a foundational reference point to work collaboratively towards clear and tangible goals.

What are the methodologies you follow to lead your team?

Nirosh: In my present l eadership a pproach, t hree guiding principles steer my course. Foremost, recog­nizing each member's potential, I refrain from under­mining their contributions. Secondly, Communication stands as the bedrock of our endeavors. Lastly, col­laboration and planning form the cornerstone of my leadership.

Thurairaj: My approach to guiding trainers centers on fostering effective communication and support with clients. I emphasize the importance of thorough assessments before initiating any client engagement. It's vital for trainers to understand the client's unique circumstances and needs, ensuring safe and effective training. Building strong client-trainer rapport is a priority, as effective communication enhances treatment experiences.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?

Nirosh: S ince o ur i nception i n 2 017, o ur c ompany has embarked on a journey of growth and expansion.

Presently in 2023, having undergone six phases of development, my partner and I, as company leaders, are intently focused on further Hybrid expansion by launching our own Move X Health APP. This encom­passes not only enhancing our market visibility in Kuala Lumpur but also nationwide throughout 2024. By the close of 2025, our vision extends to internation­al horizons, specifically in Singapore, Japan, and Aus­tralia. I also aim to nurture our trainers to continually elevate their expertise, delivering top-tier treatment and services nationwide.

Thurairaj: Unlike conventional fitness establishments, our vision encompasses comprehensive rehabilitation, pain management, and fitness, unified under one roof. This approach enables us to address conditions holis­tically. Furthermore, our dedication extends to provid­ing continuous support and education to our trainers, ensuring they consistently deliver their utmost best.

Based on your experience within the industry, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders in this domain?

Nirosh: I n t he r ealm o f M alaysian l eadership, p ar­ticularly within the health sector, skill enhancement and strategic networking contribute significantly to personal and industry advancement. Equally crucial is regular self-assessment, fostering continual growth through daily improvements.

Thurairaj: To the emerging leaders of our industry, I would suggest that they keep the client's welfare at the pedestal and maintain unwavering honesty in every endeavor. Stay updated by consistently updating your knowledge to align with the latest treatment advancements, thereby guaranteeing the best possible results.

Nirosh Nathan, Founder, Move X Health

Nirosh Nathan is an accomplished fitness professional, holding qualifications including Bachelor Degree’s Health and Physical fitness (TAFE AUS), Diplomas in Fitness (USA Online), PT Certification III and IV (AUS), Master Functional Tools Coach FTI (MAS-AUS) and GOXPRO Posture Coach (AUS). He's a former Malaysian Ex-National Track and Field athlete 100m-200m (2016-2019), honored with accolades like Young Perak Best Athlete of the Year (2017), Fitness Best Asia Personal Trainer of the Year (2021) in Malaysia and Britishpedia Successful Personalities 2022.

Thurairaj, Co-founder, Move X Health

Thurairaj is an adept physiotherapist with qualifications including a BSc Honors in Applied Rehabilitation Physiotherapy (Teeside, UK) and a Diploma in Physiotherapy (Mahsa University). His achievements span leading 'Fall Prevention among Elderly' training, joint ventures with Nepal's National Trauma Center and Mercy Malaysia, and contributing to earthquake rehabilitation missions in Indonesia.

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