Pak Sripongtanakul: A New-Gen Maestro Taking Musical Journeys Beyond Borders

Pak Sripongtanakul: A New-Gen Maestro Taking Musical Journeys Beyond Borders

Pak Sripongtanakul, Founder

Pak Sripongtanakul


In the complex trajectory of a company's success, effective leadership emerges as the crucial linchpin. An industry veteran and the pioneering Founder of BH BRICKHOUSE, Pak Sripongtanakul’s strategic prowess has been the guiding force behind the company's far-reaching global impact. As a visionary New-Gen Music Leader, Pak embarks on an extraordinary journey, navigating from the intricacies of local melodies to the expansive realm of global harmony. This transformative odyssey is propelled by Pak's profound dedication to talent development, artistic expression, and the harmonious fusion of local cultures with diverse global audiences. BH BRICKHOUSE, Pak's brainchild, stands as a beacon of innovation within the music industry, seamlessly connecting communities worldwide through the universal language of music. Let’s indulge into this one on one interaction and hear more from Pak.

Could you share a brief summary of your professional background and experiences? Additionally, what motivates and propels your daily undertakings?

My professional journey commenced in 2014 when I joined a YouTube talent development and multi-channel network organization in the United States. By 2015, I played a key role in establishing their presence in Thailand. Subsequently, I joined GMM Grammy, Thailand's leading music and entertainment company, supporting Phawit Chitrakorn, the current CEO, in transformative business initiatives.

After stabilizing the business, I embarked on a new path, driven by my ongoing passion for fostering Thai talent. I founded BH BRICKHOUSE, a record label and artist management firm, with the objective of nurturing and empowering Thai artists and fostering connections among local Thai, Asian, and global audiences through the universal language of music. In just six years, BH BRICKHOUSE, has contributed to songs amassing over one billion views, resonating not only in Thailand but also across the globe.

The driving force behind my daily endeavors is a commitment to cultivating talents, fostering strong teams, and guiding organizations toward sustained progress and lasting growth.

The driving force behind my daily endeavors is a commitment to cultivating talents, fostering strong teams, & guiding organizations toward sustained progress & lasting growth

Can you share insights into the distinctive experiences provided by Thammasat University and elaborate on the lessons gained from the campus that extend beyond academic pursuits?

Thammasat University offered a unique educational journey that transcended traditional classroom boundaries. While my studies in Political Economics with a minor in Journalism provided a strong academic base, it was the university's ethos and emphasis on critical thinking that profoundly shaped my perspective. Thammasat instilled in me a holistic outlook, empowering me to scrutinize and assess various aspects of my surroundings, extending beyond politics and culture. This honed skill of critical thinking, coupled with the application of economic principles involving facts, logic, and creativity, has become an integral part of my toolkit for contributing to positive change in the world.

How do you characterize BH BRICKHOUSE as a company, and what is its current standing in the market?

BH BRICKHOUSE operates as an artist management and record company rooted in Thailand, dedicated to transforming art and creativity into the production of culturally significant music content. Our dynamic community is founded on principles of integrity and authentic connections, providing an environment where artistic expression flourishes. Although our collection prominently features ballads and pop-rock, our influence spans across diverse genres. Our guiding principle, encapsulated in the phrase 'Music Today for Tomorrow,' reflects our dedication to crafting music and lyrics that possess enduring resonance, not only for the present but also for future generations.

Share insights into your leadership approach, including the guidelines or methodologies you adhere to as a leader, and elaborate on the future destination you are aiming for.

I am a strategic leader whose approach revolves around 'Music Intelligence,' employing an L-E-A-D structure encompassing logic, emotion, artistic vision, and data. This methodology guides BH BRICKHOUSE by setting ambitious yet achievable goals within the dynamic music market. My ultimate aim is the 'Global Music Market,' envisioning Thai music transcending borders, particularly transforming T-Ballads into a new global phenomenon. Inspired by K-Pop's success in leveraging music as soft power, blending local language with international languages, and cultivating a dedicated international music fanbase, I am committed to unlocking the same potential for Thai music. The goal is to pave the way for T-Ballads to emotionally resonate with audiences worldwide.

Given your extensive industry experience, what counsel would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?

The music industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, shaping a challenging yet vibrant terrain. Establishing a strong identity is paramount for aspiring leaders. In today's diverse subcultural landscape, where listeners have varied preferences, self-awareness and an understanding of your audience are crucial. The objective is to embrace authenticity and communicate in a distinctive style. Believing in yourself fosters a connection with the right audience. Creating your music label is akin to building your unique world.

Pak Sripongtanakul, Founder, BH BRICKHOUSE

Pak Sripongtanakul, BH BRICKHOUSE Founder, is a visionary music leader navigating from local melodies to global harmony. Driven by a passion for talent development, artistic expression, and uniting diverse cultures with a global audience.

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