Swiss Hongpitakpong: A Proficient Investment & Property Consultant

Swiss Hongpitakpong: A Proficient Investment & Property Consultant

Swiss Hongpitakpong, Founder & CEO

Swiss Hongpitakpong

Founder & CEO

In this era of significant evolution across industries, leaders today are not mere propellers of development; they are torch-bearers, forging organizations toward growth trajectories with exceptional and holistic approaches to business. Among these trailblazers is Swiss Hongpitakpong, who has displayed magnanimous leadership excellence across the telecommunication and property sector. Swiss’ success originates from his conscious strive to excel, succeed, and consistently do better Thammasat University was also instrumental in his educational journey and led him through a wonderful career transformation from a telecommunication professional to the Founder & CEO of Winvestor Property with global exposure.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Swiss shares the valuable details of his education and career. Let’s hear it from him.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

I am a Telecommunications engineering graduate, and my career journey began within the telecom sector working with some of the renowned international companies like Huawei Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, and Juniper Networks. At the time, I looked over regions such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, while my last role was as a Regional Director. Later, I stepped into the finance and investment field having obtained certification in Investment Planning from SEC Thailand. At present, I am in the property business and thus serve as an Investment Property Consultant to developers and clients. Additionally, I also specialize in strategic online, offline, and on- ground marketing consulting.

I have realized that success comes from experience and the struggles that others scarcely notice. My constant strive has been to be a winner and hence I am consistently motivated to do more, grow and expand my knowledge, and explore further.

I abide by the ‘one for all & all for one’ philosophy

Tell us about the unique experiences Thammasat University offers and what you learned from the campus beyond academics.

The experience was quite overwhelming. When I was a fresher, a senior friend asked me to join the well-known cheer club at Thammasat University. We used to arrange the TU band concert for the university students organizing superstar concerts and many other activities, including the biggest Chula– Thammasat Traditional Football Match- the biggest event among two acknowledgeable universities Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University in Thailand. So, I too joined the cheer club, and that gave me a good experience in terms of unity, diversity, and charity

How would you define Winvestor Property as an organization and its current position in the market?

Winvestor Property is a real estate property agent and broker company. Here, we do not build property, we just sell the property. Given my financial background, under my supervision the company specializes in property investment. The name Win and Investor implies to investors that we have a winning mentality, as we seek investors to draw investment for the properties. We provide consulting on both sides- the property developers and clients, because in Thailand, a property is not just built for the rental or the house or condo rental, but for a commercial investment. Today, being a part of ‘Keller Williams’, one of the biggest realtor companies in the world, we are positioned as one of the best investment property consultants.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

For leadership, I believe in three things - capability, ambition, and integrity. One should possess a leadership capability and have the ambition to build the team growing up, emphasizing sustainability, integrity, and inclusivity amidst the organizational culture.

I also abide by the ‘one for all and all for one’ philosophy. I always encourage my employees to work as a team, because together we can create a high-performance and competitive organization. Our people at the organization are fresh and have a lot of energy hence they always go the extra mile to achieve the organizational goals. They can do more, and I just need to guide them in the right direction. Very soon, we will have many freshers onboard and we will continue growing with the same zeal for work.

What is the future destination you are heading toward?

To be exact, I think big in this aspect, promoting social sharing too. In Thailand, we are in more than 90 percent debt of the GDP, which is extremely high. The trend here is people have bad debts, which means they just use and spend it, but rarely know the tactics to pay back. So, I want to challenge the capitalist situation in Thailand.

Hence, through Winvestor Property promoting the property investment business, I want the young generation to have a ‘good’ debt. A debt which is easily managed and understood. Also, from the business perspective to create income, I want my company to be a leader for the young generation, which is why I also created cloud offline and online free seminars for the young generation last year launching my channel. This year, I will be creating more Youtube channels and other platforms such as Tiktok, with fun videos that will be more engaging and friendly to the younger generation. Especially, for the fresh graduates, it will be easy to understand the investment theory.

Respective to your experience, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

In my opinion, I believe there are only three core principles that prove significant in life’s math. First is, Keller Williams’ 80-20 philosophy that signifies 20 percent of your efforts will account for 80 percent of your results. And, as we are in the real estate investment business, 20 percent of our efforts put in the lead generation decide the overall results. Second is the plan, which is the outcome of our GPS rule, where G defines the goal, and P delineates three priorities toward the goal, followed by S, the five strategies to accomplish the goal. Third comes the 4P rule, standing for proactive marketing, personal branding, platform, and people connection. In this digital era, we do not just need to focus on offline media but online too, to socialize and establish connections with people. So, my advice to all is to focus on these three rules and triumph.

Swiss Hongpitakpong, Founder & CEO, Winvestor Property

Being a Telecommunications Engineering graduate, Swiss is an experienced and skilful telecom, strategic marketing, investment and property consultant.

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