Payaman Pandiangan: Putting Years Of Experience Into Premium Food Products Manufacturing

Payaman Pandiangan: Putting Years Of Experience Into Premium Food Products Manufacturing

Payaman Pandiangan , HOD

Payaman Pandiangan


In Indonesia, the food service market was valued at $34,985.26 million in 2023 and is projected to record a CAGR of 8.44 percent over the next 5 years (2023 - 2028) according to Mordor Intelligence. Food manufacturers in the country have been consistent in their quality and have gained considerable value in the local as well as international markets. A microscopic view on edible fats manufacturing also calls for optimum quality production safe for human consumption. Only those who have been a part of this industry and are aware of the increasing quality certification standards of products are able to properly act on the demand in the market. Here, experience plays a major role in understanding the shifting market requirements. Sinar Meadow is an experienced and recognized food products manufacturer in Indonesia which exports its products as well. Butter and Margarine by the company is still one of the trusted items in the local market. The CEO Insights Asia magazine engaged in a conversation with Payaman Pandiangan, HOD, Sinar Meadow in order to know more about the company and his professional experience since he joined this reputed establishment.

Give us a brief account of your professional and educational journey.

Sinar Meadow is a Joint venture company between Sinar Mas & Willmar. I am Head of Quality Management & Health Safety Environment. Fats & Oils manufacturing, the produce of Margarine & Shortening. I joined on 15 June 1994 as a Superintendent of Quality Control and Assurance, working experiences from the early stages in an International pharmaceutical factory. I graduated in Chemical Analyst, Chemist, and post graduated with Master's in Food Technology from IPB University.

Define Sinar Meadow as an organization and what makes it a preferred choice among customers.

The Sinar Meadow product Gold Bullion, Mother’s Choice brand is highly popular in the Indonesian market due to its excellent quality and production under strict quality supervision. As a result, it has become a highly sought-after margarine and shortening brand among customers in the food industry, pastry shops, restaurants, modern bakeries, modern chains, home-made bakeries, and international franchises.

What are the sustainable practices the company follows in its operations to maintain environmental responsibility?

Sinar Meadow has been certified by ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Certified Environment Management System, ISO 45001 Certified Occupational Health, Safety Management System, SMK3 Certified Occupational Health, Safety Management System, RSPO Certified Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil, and FSSC 22000 Certified Food Safety Management System.

I believe in commitment to continuous learning & improvement & promoting knowledge-sharing within our team. I am a humble leader who is eager to learn new things that are beneficial to the job & I believe that everyone can succeed if they are diligent in learning & persistent

Tell us about your expertise in ensuring quality and safety in the manufacturing of your products. How do you guide your department to ensure the quality and health safety aspects are maintained at all levels?

Lead the team as Head of Quality Management & Occupational Health and Safety. It can be done by emphasizing the importance of quality control, quality assurance, and safety in the manufacturing process and its impact on the overall success of the organization. I want to give the manufacturing operator/employee an understanding of quality control methodologies for sampling systems, parameters testing, and specification to comply with regulatory requirements. Refresh training operator for knowledge of quality assurance processes, conducting regular internal audits, evaluating the implementation of standard operating procedures, and how to maintain documentation for quality control for traceability food safety. Last but not least, provide training programs or initiatives to educate employees on quality control measures, evaluate the implementation of food safety protocols/standard operating procedures, and regulatory compliance from the Indonesia government and international standard regulations.

What is your anticipation of the future outlook of the market?

I have a positive anticipation for the future outlook of the margarine and shortening market. Several factors indicate that this market will continue to grow and present promising opportunities for businesses operating in this sector.

Firstly, there is a rising global demand for convenience foods, baked goods, and processed products. Margarine and shortening are key ingredients used in various food applications, including baking, cooking, and food manufacturing. As consumer lifestyles become busier and the demand for ready-to-eat and pre-packaged foods increases, the market for margarine and shortening is expected to expand to cater to these demands.

Secondly, health-conscious consumer trends and preferences are shaping the market. There is a growing interest in healthier alternatives to traditional fats, such as butter and lard. Margarine and shortening manufacturers have responded to this demand by developing products with reduced trans fats, lower saturated fats, and fortified with essential nutrients. This innovation and adaptation to changing consumer needs present an opportunity to capture a larger market share and appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Where do you see yourself headed towards the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?

As I look toward the future, one of my primary objectives is to become a strong and effective leader. In my professional life, I strive to develop the necessary skills, qualities, and mindset to lead and inspire others.

As a leader in the workplace, I aim to foster an environment of trust, collaboration, and growth. I believe in leading by example and being approachable to my team members. I value open communication, active listening, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

In summary, my vision for the future includes becoming a skilled leader in both my professional and family life. I am committed to developing my leadership abilities, inspiring others, and creating positive environments where individuals can thrive and grow. By embodying the qualities of a good leader, I aim to make a positive impact on those around me and contribute to the success and well-being of my team and family.

Payaman Pandiangan, HOD, Sinar Meadow

Payaman Pandiangan is a highly experienced professional with expertise in QA & QC, Health Safety Environment. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Payaman has honed his skills and knowledge to excel in ensuring quality assurance, quality control, and maintaining health and safety standards.

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