Qurrat Abu Ayub: An Innovative Leader Making Home More Accessible Through Pinhome

Qurrat Abu Ayub: An Innovative Leader Making Home More Accessible Through Pinhome

Qurrat Abu Ayub , Director - Strategy

Qurrat Abu Ayub

Director - Strategy

The real estate sector has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, thanks to the infusion of digital and fintech solutions that have revolutionized property transactions and home financing. One of the industry leaders at the forefront of this transformative wave is Qurrat Abu Ayub, the Director of Strategy at Pinhome. Qurrat's role in empowering the sector is pivotal as he spearheads the growth of Pinhome, a cutting-edge end-to-end property transaction and real estate fintech platform. With his diverse experience spanning strategic planning from inception to execution, Qurrat oversees overall fundraising efforts, capital allocation, supply and demand strategies, and P&L management of Pinhome's subsidiaries. He continually seeks efficient pathways for growth and strives for continuous improvement, making property and home financing more accessible to a wider audience in Indonesia's thriving real estate market. Let’s hear on.

Could you please tell us about your professional background and experiences?

My professional journey began as a business strategist at Gojek (now a part of GOTO Group), a leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform in Jakarta. My previous roles in management consulting, impact investing, and asset management motivated me to pursue a career that seamlessly combined innovative strategy with effective execution, resulting in concrete business outcomes. Joining Gojek as a business strategist, at an organization deeply rooted in disruption and a commitment to making a positive impact, was a pivotal decision. Over my enriching three-year tenure, I actively participated in a variety of projects, including fundraising and growth initiatives. I even had the privilege of leading my own product category. In my final role as a product owner, I functioned as a quasi-CEO-founder, overseeing the launch and subsequent growth of a business segment within the Gojek ecosystem. Fast forward to the present, I transitioned from Gojek to support my former supervisors, who are now the CEO Founder and CTO Founder of Pinhome, in launching and scaling their business, where I currently work.

What drives you in your professional endeavors?

My primary life goal has always been to create solutions that have a significant impact on people's lives and address common challenges. With this as my guiding principle, Pinhome serves as my platform to innovate within the country's largest asset class, allowing people to access and benefit from property, which we can liken to a ‘home'. Through perseverance, I gained the trust to lead multiple strategic fronts, including growth, fundraising, M&A, and the management of our subsidiary's financial performance.

What are the most recent strategic initiatives you've employed to enhance operational efficiency and connect with new target audiences in the market?

There are two recent strategic initiatives that have been at the core of my approach, and I've found great satisfaction in implementing them as a key driver of our company's progress.

First, ensuring financial sustainability through rigorous prioritization has been the bedrock of our long-term success and resilience strategy. This involves resource management, strategic decision-making, and data-driven insights. Prioritization is central, focusing on clear goals and allocating resources where they yield the most financial impact. This approach fosters adaptability and agility, enabling quick responses to market shifts and challenges.

Second, we've embarked on a data-driven, machine learning & AI-powered customer engagement strategy, both within and outside our platform. We've adopted innovative customer engagement channels, harnessing our in-app and out-app capabilities. The extensive and insightful data we have at our disposal has proven instrumental in guiding us on how to attract, engage, and retain users within the Pinhome ecosystem. Naturally, this has enabled us to construct a superior platform for our customers.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach has been significantly shaped by my experiences in fast-paced environments, such as Gojek and Pinhome, where adaptability to both internal and external changes is crucial. I've developed an innate adaptive leadership style that thrives in rapidly evolving settings, emphasizing flexibility, resilience, and the ability to embrace new challenges and opportunities. My leadership journey is guided by five core principles: overcoming challenges with unwavering resilience, applying the Pareto principle to maximize efficiency, continuously seeking personal growth to deliver more value, earning the trust of those I work with and lead, and striving to create something I can truly be proud of.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

I have always wanted to be my own full-fledged entrepreneur. My fervent belief centers around the notion that individuals possessing the capacity, capability, and experience should be strategically dispersed across critical sectors, ultimately driving substantial impact within those realms. It is this very spirit that compelled me to embark on my journey, joining Gojek in its early days during the pivotal scaling stage and later becoming part of Pinhome during its commercial inception.

My motivation has consistently been to immerse myself in these opportunities, amassing invaluable exposure to how to construct sustainable, high-impact ventures from the ground up. I view these experiences as stepping stones toward my future destination, where I envision steering my own entrepreneurial endeavor. My overarching goal is to catalyze meaningful changes and deliver value, leveraging the wealth of knowledge and expertise I've acquired along the way.

Given your extensive industry experience, what advice do you have for emerging leaders?

Leaders must embody and instill adaptability in their teams, integrating it into strategies. This fosters resilience and innovation, vital for success. On top of that, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Leaders need to prioritize their well-being to perform at their best. Recognizing the humanity of team members is equally vital, striking a balance between their well-being and organizational interests for a harmonious and productive work environment. We are not machines, but with a healthy mind & body we could outperform any machine by bringing forth utmost human value.

Qurrat Abu Ayub, Director – Strategy, Pinhome

Qurrat Abu Ayub, Director of Strategy at Pinhome, leads the charge in revolutionizing Indonesia's real estate sector. His dynamic approach, focused on growth and innovation, is making home more accessible to all.

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