Richard Hoang: A Key Player In Bridging The Gap Between Healthy Food Producers & Consumers

Richard Hoang: A Key Player In Bridging The Gap Between Healthy Food Producers & Consumers

Richard Hoang,  Managing Director

Richard Hoang

Managing Director

The F&B supply and service market industry is a highly competitive and dynamic industry that constantly requires innovation and adaptation to meet the changing demands of consumers. As the Managing Director of International Food Supply and Service, Richard Hoang has played a critical role in bridging the gap between food producers and consumers through his extensive experience in the food industry. With a background in engineering and 20 years of experience in B2C/ FMCGs such as Unilever and PEPSICO to B2B/Food Ingredients and Food Service with International Food Supply and Services, Richard has developed a deep understanding of the food industry and the needs of both producers and consumers. His educational journey has equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop effective corporate growth strategies that drive the mission of IFSS to contribute to human well-being by improving daily food consumption. Through his leadership and expertise, Richard has been instrumental in ensuring that IFSS remains a key player in the F&B supply and service market industry, offering innovative and quality food solutions to both producers and consumers. We recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Richard, let’s hear more from him.

Can you briefly describe your professional background and experience, and what motivates you in your daily work?
I am very lucky to have had opportunities to work for the top global companies such as Unilever, PEPSICO, and Multi-color corporation and top local flavor house - Hoang Anh Flavor and Food Ingredients across functions from production, innovation in implementation & sustainability to operations management and new business development. Being a management trainee at Unilever, I was well-trained to be a future leader in an international & professional working environment. I also had a chance to work for one of the most dynamic global companies PEPSICO in the role of productivity improvement. I truly love working in the food industry since I worked as managing director at Hoang Anh flavor house and food ingredients company which nurtured me to strive for providing healthy and quality food solutions. IFSS's mission is to provide innovative food and beverage solutions that are both delicious and nutritious while also being affordable for consumers.

How would you characterize IFSS as an organization, and what is its current position in the market?
IFSS is a young and creative organization driven by a meaningful mission. IFSS Group is a food supplies company that operates across various markets and sectors with intending to make the world a better place. It believes in the power of food to bring people together and is passionate about creating connections between producers and consumers. Starting as a small private company in Singapore, IFSS has grown to become a leading player in the food industry. The company is organized into three main sales areas: Food Ingredients, Food Service, and Consumer Packaged Goods. IFSS Group is a matrix organization that operates in the Asia Pacific region. Our goal is to be in the top 3 of every market we enter, and while we have achieved this in some food categories, we continue to strive towards this goal in all categories, including new ones that we are expanding into.

We believe in the power of food to bring people together & are passionate about creating connections between producers & consumers

As Managing Director, what factors do you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies? What is your leadership approach, and what guidelines or methodologies do you follow as a leader?
Our mission at IFSS is to contribute to human wellbeing by improving daily food consumption. To achieve this, we are focused on developing solutions that are healthier, more natural, and more convenient, which is reflected in our STRAT Plan for the next five years.

I believe that sustained growth can only be achieved by empowering people who act with responsibility and building trust. This belief is put into practice every day by our leaders.

How do you ensure that IFSS remains environmentally responsible, and what measures have been implemented under your guidance?
We work with global partners to understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and we follow ISO standards to improve our daily operating procedures. We also aim to use more natural, environmentally friendly, and plant-based ingredients in our products.

What future market opportunities are you interested in pursuing to achieve your goals?
Our goal is to find innovative ways of farming, producing, storing, and consuming food that not only improves human well-being but also make it more enjoyable to eat.

Richard Hoang, Managing Director, IFSS
Richard has over 20 years of experience in B2B industry, food ingredients, F&B supply, and service. He has been instrumental in setting up and leading business units in South East Asian countries. Richard strongly believes in an ‘Inclusion and Diversity Culture’, where he strives to make a positive contribution to people and society. At IFSS, Richard and his team leverage science and creativity to spread moments of happiness sustainably, shape the future of taste and aroma, and accelerate access to nutrition around South East Asia.

• Hobbies: Biking/Trekking/Reading
• Favorite Cuisine: Steak/Vietnamese pho
• Favorite Book: Good To Great & Build To Last
• Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland
• Awards & Recognition: Scholarship of Dairy Australia for 2-week training in Australia 

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