Luke Peereboom: Integrating Futuristic & Strategic Approaches To Offer Transformational Outcomes

Luke Peereboom: Integrating Futuristic & Strategic Approaches To Offer Transformational Outcomes

Luke Peereboom,   CEO

Luke Peereboom


A seasoned project development leader and strategic client-side specialist, Luke Peereboom, CEO, DEVCOM (Development and Construction Management) leveraging his 25+ years of excellent experience in construction & real estate development to deliver strategic & transformational outcomes in the industry.

A natural leader, Luke, from a young age, has been leading complex projects and programs in various countries working with a wide range of global organizations as a senior manager and advisor, initiating sustainable solutions to the development portfolio. His adaptability and experience led him to specialize in the recovery of distress projects. His expertise spans industries such as residential, commercial, educational, hospitality, retail, and industrial. Luke’s keen eye for detailing and natural leadership ability challenges project teams to deliver a robust solution and ultimately beneficial for his Clients. He has been associated with global transformational projects throughout Asia and Internationally.

At DEVCOM, Luke is leading the team by setting the right example with executive leadership, cultural awareness, diligent work ethic, intelligent planning, programmatic analysis, and open communication, a formula that has brought exceptional results.

Let’s hear it from him.
How would you define DEVCOM as an organization and its current position in the market?
DEVCOM is a real estate development and construction management firm with offices throughout Vietnam. We work with a wide range of clients from PE funds to HNWIs, manufacturers, and smaller institutional investors, differentiating ourselves from most of the developers in Vietnam.

Access to professional and experienced development teams in Vietnam is typically limited to the larger development groups across the country that are more focused on larger institutional investments. At DEVCOM, we leverage our specialized knowledge to manage the whole life cycle of the project for our Client’s from start to finish, guaranteeing the industry knowledge needed for investors who may be first-time developers or companies moving into the country that need assistance in the delivery of their own purpose-built buildings. DEVCOM caters to a unique niche market segment that is growing across the country.

Our primary goal at DEVCOM is always clear: identify and develop exceptional real estate opportunities that create uniquely designed environments for people and companies a like, and create opportunities and returns for our Clients.

What drives us is our initiative to put integrity back into the industry & provide exceptional service to our clients

Tell us about your leadership style.
I am driven by a desire to challenge myself and others. I refuse to settle for anything less than the best and set ambitious goals in order to push myself further. My drive for excellence pushes me towards new opportunities that give me the chance to make meaningful contributions both personally and professionally. I am not comfortable with settling, and I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve more for both my company and my clients.

What is the motivation that helps you to constantly deliver positive outcomes?
As Developers, we undertake a lot of distressed projects and work with investors who have the vision, but may not have the knowledge of the local climate, or team in place to carry out development projects.

Our mission is to provide honest and upstanding service to our clients by rescuing property owners, fixing projects, and getting them back on budget. This initiative drives us daily; we take pride in being open and honest with our clients and showing that integrity is paramount in this industry. We work with quality partners across the industry that share our desire to provide quality and cost efficiency throughout the life cycle of the development.

We believe that it is possible to do business with clarity and conviction, so we work tirelessly to ensure each project or development gets the attention it deserves.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Our market goals are about providing quality services and helping clients achieve what they are looking for. DEVCOM limits the number of developments we undertake at any time, not because we are unable to grow, but because this allows us to offer the highest level of quality, personnel, and attention to each of our Clients.

That being said, we are also very focussed on the community and sustainability. One area that we are committed to exploring is the development of Social Housing in Vietnam, and in particular, those that support key workers of the community at an affordable rate. Our experience is that the design and development of social housing should be a commitment that is shared by all developers to provide quality and desirable places to live. Social Housing should be a core that develops the community and allows for environments to grow organically.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
It's easy to think of development solely from a commercial perspective; as having a high rate of return on investment and a strong business principle. But in order to really deliver better, developers must focus on the non-tangible and ethical aspects of developments, which goes beyond the profit at the end of the job. This means paying close attention to their client's wants and needs and then working to maximize value across all three conditions in order to deliver a product that truly meets their needs. Finally, work with partners that share your values and commitments. If there is a divergence in vision or goals, then there may be a need to reassess the relationship.

Luke Peereboom, CEO, Devcom
A focused project leader, leveraging 25+ years of experience to direct & coordinate a vast spectrum of activities associated with the pre-development, construction, and delivery of new construction, distressed development, and major renovation real estate projects across Vietnam.

• Hobbies: Reading
• Favorite Books: Autobiographies
• Favorite Travel Destination: Copenhagen in Denmark

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