Rita Benoy Bushon: Strengthening Businesses With Tactical Expertise & Societal Accountability

Rita Benoy Bushon: Strengthening Businesses With Tactical Expertise & Societal Accountability

Rita Benoy Bushon, Managing Director

Rita Benoy Bushon

Managing Director

In the investment and finance industry, exceptional leadership relies on a delicate balance of integrity, vision, collaboration, continuous learning, and social responsibility. Leaders who embody these qualities not only drive innovation and growth within their organizations but also inspire trust and confidence among stakeholders. This distinctive combination of qualities lays the foundation for long-lasting achievement and beneficial influence, positioning leaders like Rita Benoy Bushon as agents of transformation in a constantly changing and interconnected global environment.

Rita Benoy Bushon, an esteemed figure in the investment and financial industry, serves as the Managing Director of RAA Capital Partners, an upcoming consultancy firm specializing in investment management, corporate governance, and ESG integration. Throughout her illustrious career spanning numerous years, Rita has earned acclaim for her forward-thinking leadership, strategic expertise, and dedication to ethical business conduct.

Below is an excerpt of Rita Benoy Bushon’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

Could you walk us through your professional journey and tell us about the inspiration behind the establishment of RAA Capital Partners?

My path from studying economic statistics to earning an investment advisory license has been driven by my passion for managing money well and ensuring businesses operate ethically. Beginning in benefits administration research, I pioneered innovative retirement planning strategies, later transitioning to investment research. Amidst the 1996 financial crisis, I championed minority shareholder rights, fostering transparency and accountability in our investee companies while still at the pension fund company E mployee Provident Fund, Malaysia. After holding leadership positions in corporate governance advocacy in MSWG, I founded RAA Capital Partners in 2017. Motivated by a vision to bridge gaps in responsible investment, our consultancy swiftly evolved, specializing in ESG integration, market research, governance advisory with specialization in the sector of logistics, port, infrastructure and IT. Collaborating with seasoned professionals and emerging talent, we strive to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.

As the Managing Director, my approach to developing effective corporate growth strategies centers on meeting our client's needs promptly & precisely

As the Managing Director, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies for the company?

As the Managing Director, my approach to developing effective corporate growth strategies centers on meeting our clients' needs promptly and precisely.

We begin by thoroughly understanding our client's expectations and deadlines. Negotiating realistic timelines is crucial, ensuring we can deliver exceptional results without compromising quality. Our team collaborates closely with clients, forming a dedicated team led by a senior manager to oversee the project. Clear communication and alignment of objectives are paramount, with top management providing the necessary resources and support. By exceeding expectations and fostering strong client relationships, we have earned praise for our dedication and results, driving our company's success and reputation forward.

What is the kind of guidance you provide to the team to help clients in their investment management decisions?

In guiding our team to assist clients with their investment management decisions, I prioritize a collaborative approach. Recognizing the diverse expertise within our team, I ensure that each member contributes their specialized knowledge to address client needs comprehensively.

During client interactions, I facilitate discussions and presentations, leveraging the collective expertise of our team members in finance, law, and relevant fields. Emphasizing teamwork, I encourage open communication and mutual support to ensure that every aspect of our proposal is well-rounded and informed. By fostering a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility, I empower our team to deliver high-quality solutions even in my absence. This approach not only enhances our effectiveness but also strengthens our team dynamics, ultimately benefiting our clients and reinforcing our reputation for excellence.

What kinds of impacts do you see yourself creating in the long run of your professional journey, going forward?

In envisioning the long-term impact of my professional journey, I am committed to positioning our company as a leading authority in ESG and investment and corporate consultancy, aiming to rank among the top advisory firms in the region. To achieve this, I have pursued professional development opportunities, ensuring our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and qualifications. Concurrently, I've immersed myself in maritime industry courses to enhance our expertise in port management consultancy. By seamlessly integrating ESG principles into our investment services, we offer holistic solutions to our clients.

Ultimately, I aim for our company to be synonymous with excellence in ESG consultancy and port advisory. I envision RAA Capital Partners as the go-to firm for organizations seeking sustainable investment approaches and strategic port finance solutions, solidifying our reputation as industry leaders and catalysts for positive change.

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?

My advice to emerging leaders is to cultivate passion and find joy in their work. Genuine enthusiasm fuels dedication and fosters a positive impact on teams and projects. Life is finite, and leaving a meaningful legacy requires genuine love for what you do. Embrace your role with grace and strive to make it more than just a job; transform it into a fulfilling calling. Pursue expertise in your field relentlessly, whether through certifications or continuous learning. Age is no barrier to growth, so embrace challenges, including certifications, as opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Eventually, success follows those who approach leadership with passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

Rita Benoy Bushon, Managing Director, RAA Capital Partners

Rita Benoy Bushon, Managing Director of RAA Capital Partners and Associate Director of SCS Global is a seasoned leader in finance. With extensive experience at EPF and as CEO of MSWG, Rita is renowned for her transformative leadership. She holds an Honors degree in Economic Statistics and an MBA.

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