Sandar Shwe: Working With A Vision To Contribute Towards The Betterment Of The Society

Sandar Shwe: Working With A Vision To Contribute Towards The Betterment Of The Society

 Sandar Shwe,   Managing Director

Sandar Shwe

Managing Director

As disposable incomes rise and more people become interested in cosmetics and other forms of self-improvement, the cosmetics industry in Japan has been booming in recent years. Likewise, the most cutting-edge innovations and technology have a large impact on the market, inspiring businesses to continually provide cutting-edge items to satisfy customers' evolving needs. Accordingly, Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar), presently headed by Sandar Shwe, has been a major player in Japan's healthcare & personal care industry since the early 1990s.

The Managing Director of Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar), Sandar Shwe, is a veteran member of the Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceutical industry's Medical Representatives team. Sandar has extensive experience in a variety of leadership positions, including those of Country Manager, Country Director, and Vice President, and she has a particular specialty in the consumer products sector.

Below is an excerpt of Sandar Shwe’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

How would you define Rohto-Mentholatum as an organization and its current position in the market?

Customers consider Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar) - (RMM) to be a systemic brand because of our Japanese origins. We are among the best manufacturers around, and our items are of high quality. Moreover, RMM is a corporation that is concerned about the well-being of the community and the environment. And when people purchase our products, it's almost as if they're joining us in our efforts to make the world a better place. As a direct consequence of this, we now have a greater incentive to take part in the many social activities that we regularly engage in.

RMM is a corporation that is concerned about the well-being of the community and the environment

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are value additions customers can expect from your offerings.

Our current corporate slogan, 'NEVER SAY NEVER', indicates our stance in never dismissing anything as impossible. This does not mean engaging in work with brute force; rather, it signifies that we are prepared to face difficulties head-on to achieve happiness and help others. As the saying goes, 'Health is a big bribe'. Everyone must choose a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Youthful beauty practices and Habits we also need to nurture our environment. For this purpose, the motto of Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar) is, 'We are not selling Products. We are selling Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, and Habit'. We will intend to make it happen. Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar) is also working on a strong Corporate

Governance system to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy in line with the above objectives. I think. That’s what customers expect from us.

We make offers based on the impacts of consumers. For example, let’s say a campaign like 'Your Health is Our Wealth' is aimed at people’s mental health in this negative environment. We support their mental and physical health to the best of our ability, so we expect them to benefit from it and have solid life. Another thing isin the current age of growth, according to the Butterfly Effect, just as the Global is growing, our local consumers inspire the standards of the global. Thus, they are more focused on improving their lives together with their profits.

Tell us about your CSR initiatives. How do you encourage your employees to participate in them?

As the business grows, we aim to develop good ethical practices in society. Our commitment to managing the social, environmental, and economic effects of our operations responsibly and in line with public expectations that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) takes into consideration the environment to commit. In doing so, we will focus on the 'Triple Bottom Line' of People, the Planet & Profit. Social and environmental performance; We are also enthusiastically providing support.

Your Health is Our Wealth Campaign among Employees, Customers, Society & Employees, furthermore, 'Our Eye Care Center is Saving Sight' - Thus, 'Eye Health is an Investment Not a Cost'.We train programs like Mindfulness-Based Remedy as CSR activities in the team to have a good spirit and good morals, compassion for people and our entire ecosystem to achieve their success. They have ownership mindsets and forced themselves to take care of the environment and the entire ecosystem. We have built up employee engagement. They also have an ownership mindset, so it is easy to encourage them to participate in CSR.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming healthcare industry leaders?

What I would like to advise healthcare industry leaders is not to look at a business to get a profit only, but to carefully apply ESG, known as Environmental Social & Government pledge to work for human and environmental impact. For example, the practice of preserving the real environment by not producing products that are tested on animals.

Furthermore, Practice of Gender Equality, Sexual Harassment, and more. Also, I would like to suggest that we need third parties to assess our organizations. We would be very careful not to make mistakes in the workplace and I think it is very easy for organizations to grow. Another important factor to consider is that employee engagement is very important for organizations to grow. 

Sandar Shwe, Managing Director, Rohto-Menthola

Sandar holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) with a specialization in Law from Yangon University. She was Medical Representative for the Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceutical Company. And as the managing director of Rohto-Mentholatum, Sandar has exceptional skills in Negotiation, Marketing Management, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, and Operations Management

• Hobbies: Reading, Book Collecting, listening to music, dancing, cooking, Beauty, Creating andTravelling, and Helping Others

• Favorite Book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Good to Great by Jim Collins The Secret – Universal Mind Meditation Buddha Dhama which supports 'Supreme RealityEducation' to be a success 

• Favorite Cuisine: Indian and Japanese Food

• Favorite Travel Destination: Himalayas

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