Shady Boueiry: Leading The Way In Innovative Hospitality Solutions & Hotel Development

Shady Boueiry: Leading The Way In Innovative Hospitality Solutions & Hotel Development

Shady Boueiry , Managing Director

Shady Boueiry

Managing Director

In light of recent challenges, the hospitality industry is poised for a brighter future, albeit with a transformed landscape. This evolution has ushered in new opportunities for the sector. In this dynamic realm, where exceptional service and innovation are paramount, Shady Boueiry founded Continent Worldwide Hotels. As the director, he leads this hospitality management, franchising, and hotel development company with a mission to redefine and optimize hotel operations.

Drawing from over a decade of remarkable experience in the field, Shady has earned a distinguished reputation for his role in cultivating hotel brands, expanding hotel portfolios, ensuring rigorous quality standards, and streamlining administrative processes. Today, operating in more than seven countries worldwide, Shady collaborates closely with hotels, unlocking their untapped potential. His unique approach is rooted in the pursuit of revenue maximization for owners and investors, all while upholding uncompromising standards of quality and guest satisfaction. As the industry continues to adapt, Shady stands at the forefront, steering Continent Worldwide Hotels toward a future marked by innovation and resilience.

In the exclusive interview with CEO Insight Asia, Shady shares more insights into his professional journey and his rise to success in the industry.

Could you give a brief intro about your professional background and experiences?

I am a hospitality management graduate, and my journey in the hotel industry began in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2001. Starting from the front desk and working my way up, I gained valuable experience in the hospitality industry, particularly during its boom in Lebanon. However, the assassination of Hariri in 2005 led me to explore opportunities abroad. I became a hotel manager in Africa, managing a three-star hotel, and by 2008, I was the youngest General Manager in Africa due to our property's success. After eight years in Africa, I moved to Saudi Arabia, where I rose through the ranks at Swiss International Hotels, eventually becoming COO, managing 18 properties. Then, after the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, I established Continent Worldwide Hotels Group in 2022 where we represent the Continent Hotels and Resorts brand for the Middle East and North Africa.

Our goal is to be a valuable advantage for hotel owners and the preferred partners for investors

How would you define Continent Worldwide Hotels Group as an organization and its current position in today's market?

Continent Worldwide is a highly promising brand with over 90 properties worldwide, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. What sets us apart is our commitment to being true partners with hotel owners. We are renowned for our excellent reputation among stakeholders and our ability to sign numerous properties in a short time within the MENA region. We provide comprehensive support to hotels at minimal costs, making us highly competitive in the market. Our goal is to be a valuable advantage for hotel owners and the preferred partners for investors.

What flagship offerings can customers expect from Continent Worldwide Hotels Group that differentiate it from other players in the industry?

In an industry crowded with international brands, what truly sets us apart is the guest experience. We prioritize training our team members to deliver exceptional service and make guests feel at home. Technology also plays a significant role; we invest heavily in implementing it across our properties to enhance the guest experience from pre-check-in to post-departure. Our collaboration with hotel owners ensures that we're partners in delivering these experiences, making guests loyal to our properties. Our motto is simple but powerful: As guests leave as friends and we instill this in all our hotels.

Kindly tell me about your leadership approach and the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader.

Leadership, for me, means being on the ground, not just in the office. I believe leaders should lead by example and be involved in every aspect of the operation. Whether it's at the head office or with our representatives, we work side by side with our teams. Satisfaction and pride among our crew members are essential to me. We invest heavily in developing our people's skills, as they are our most valuable assets. Leadership, to me, is about leading the way and being present in daily operations.

How do you plan to invest your time over the next five years?

Our expansion plan for the next five years is ambitious; we aim to establish a presence throughout the MENA region. Currently, we operate in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Jordan. Our next destination includes Egypt, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria), and beyond. We've also launched our loyalty program, Prestige, with the goal of creating a large portfolio of loyal members who choose our properties.

Based on your extensive industry experience, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

My advice to emerging industry leaders is simple but critical: invest in your people, especially young talents and crew members. These individuals are your assets and ambassadors. Brands can be created, but without a dedicated and skilled team, success is elusive. Work alongside your team, develop their skills, and foster a culture of collaboration. Remember that leadership is about leading from the front, not from behind a desk.

Shady Boueiry, Managing Director

A passionate and creative hospitality veteran with over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Shady Boueiry is a team leader and a strategic developer for various plans emphasizing on guest satisfaction and service enhancement. He is an expert in hotel pre-opening and revenue management with a solid room division background.


Hobbies: Reading and Swimming

Favorite Cuisine: Lebanese

Awards and Recognitions : - Nominated as the youngest general manager in the western region of Africa in 2008.

Favorite Travel Destination: Lebanon

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