Showkat Akber:Flourishing Hassle-Free Logistic Experience Through Innovation & Technology

Showkat Akber:Flourishing Hassle-Free Logistic Experience Through Innovation & Technology

Showkat Akber, Sr. Director

Showkat Akber

Sr. Director

The ability to lead effectively is based on the skills to deal with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse, build respect, develop a vision, communicate and inspire them. Showkat Akber, Sr. Director, Navana Logistics possesses all the above leadership qualities and is an inspiring professional who is leading the global logistics market through his extraordinary communication skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, and drive. An accomplished leader with a history of success in the logistics and supply chain industries, he has the foremost ability to develop business, build networks, negotiate, and manage operations & logistics internationally. A man of determination, Showkat has been taking up the challenge of delivering demurrage-free goods to his clients within the promised time frame while adhering to all laws, rules, and regulations. His remarkable ability to think strategically, create a vision and implement a change has helped him to deliver segment-specific services and solutions. Under the supreme directorship of Showkat Akber, Navana Logistics has been leading the market by providing the best services in logistics and earning international recognition. CEO Insights’ editorial team interviews the dynamic leader. Below is a snippet of the same.

Take us through your professional experience. What inspired you to venture into the logistics domain?

After completing my MSS in Economics from the University of Dhaka, I received an opportunity to work as an Executive, Ocean Freight for Emery Worldwide Bangladesh Office. Securing a job in the logistics domain was completely unplanned but it was a significant beginning of my career in the industry. With time my interest in the industry started growing and I started indulging in its issues and became keen to deliver solutions. After two years with Emery Worldwide, I received an offer from a Sri Lankan leading logistics company where I worked for two years in Dhaka and three years in Yangon, Myanmar as a Country Manager. In 2006, Navana Group's Sr. Vice Chairman Saiful Islam stated his intention to do this business and made me share holder in the company. With his guidance and support, I founded Navana Logistics in 2006 and began its operations in 2007.

How would you define Navana Logistics as an organization? How is your portfolio of solutions and services made you among the top references for your clients?

Navana Logistics is a provider of logistics and freight management solutions to exporters and importers with a great deal of satisfaction. It is a mid-sized company that ranks in the top 50 of nearly 1000 logistics and freight forwarding companies in Bangladesh. The distinct value proposition that we provide to our clients is trust and confidence. I believe, along with the business, developing trust & confidence among the clients has significant importance. Clients are looking for not only the prices but also the best service providers. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to create a comfort zone for our clients while they do business with us.


What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? What are your future plans for Navana Logistics?

Businesses have become extremely cost & time centric. Hence, clients look for more customized solutions. They bring their products directly to stores rather than taking them to the warehouse and prefer to complete all QC issues at the origin port. The market prefers businesses that are prompt and accurate in responding to their client.

Considering the present requirements of the market, Navana Logistics aspires to create a holistic business architecture. It shall have multidimensional capabilities to handle end-to-end value-driven information and organization. As well as build relationships between these services, policies, initiatives, stakeholders, and metrics. Upon attaining intended objectives, we would be able to make more informed decisions, align diverse stakeholders to a shared future vision and more effectively leverage technology.

In light of your strong industry experience, what advice would you give to aspiring leaders in this domain?

Logistics is a continuously evolving market. With technological advancements, increased consumer expectations, and a desire for operational efficiency, working in the industry is both exciting and challenging. . Hence, it becomes our responsibility to create a comfort zone for our clients while they do business with us. We need talented people with analytical skills to become our future leaders in an industry that’s by nature multi-national. Future industry leaders are expected to attain clearer, evidence-based communication skills in order to provide end-to-end customer service'.

Showkat Akber, Sr. Director, Navana Logistics

Having an MSS in Economics from the University of Dhaka, Showkat is leading Navana Logistics in Dhaka for more than 15 years as the Senior Director. Under his strong leadership, the company has gained repeated clients and international recognition.

Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping & Reading

Favorite Cuisine: Indian & Japanese

Favorite Book: The Art of War

Favorite Travel Destination: London, Istanbul & New York


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