Yoshiaki Hagiwara: A Magnanimous Leader Enriching The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Products Industry

Yoshiaki Hagiwara: A Magnanimous Leader Enriching The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Products Industry

Yoshiaki Hagiwara , CEO & President

Yoshiaki Hagiwara

CEO & President

Given the dynamic benefits of natural and organic products, while our conscience about what we put on our bodies, is also increasing after food consumption, the natural and organic cosmetics market too is witnessing growth. for organic cosmetics. The burgeoning demand from the new generation and most demography are driven by rising consumer consciousness towards the source of origin of cosmetic products. Furthermore, the high prevalence of several dermatological disorders due to hectic lifestyles, increasing pollution levels, use of petroleum-based cosmetic ingredients, and others is further propelling the market growth. In fiscal year 2022, as per Statista, the shipment value of the natural and organic cosmetics market in Japan was forecast to reach around 169 billion Japanese yen. While the IMARC group, accounts the Japan organic cosmetics market to grow exhibiting a CAGR of 7.2 percent during 2023-2028. Adding to this growth is NATURE’S WAY, a promising natural and organic cosmetics products manufacturer that has a variety of products for customers’ every need, from daily care organic and natural cosmetics products to specialized beauty formulations- all natural. Under the expert leadership of Yoshiaki Hagiwara, CEO & President of NATURE’S WAY, the company has laid an impeccable growth trajectory over the years now.  Let’s get to know about Yoshiaki Hagiwara’s staunch leadership through an exclusive interview conducted by CEO Insights.


Give a brief account of your professional background and experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

I completed my graduation from a university in Japan, and then I entered a graduate school in China. After returning to Japan, I got a job at a trading company. Further gaining experience working abroad, I joined Nature's Way Co., Ltd., and meanwhile also earned an MBA from Waseda University. I am one of the presidents who conducts theoretical management. I am driven by my motivation to expand the natural organic cosmetics company with the longest history in Asia, actively adopting new management methods while respecting history, and expanding the market.

How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?

I’ve been extensively working at the management level while keeping the word reproducibility in my heart. In general, humans are animals with emotions, so fluctuations in those emotions cause fluctuations in management decisions. It's good that it's turned in a positive direction, but there are cases where it's not. I make many business decisions in a day but do not remember all of them. However, I am conscious of the process of action and try to make highly reproducible management decisions.

How would you define Nature's Way as an organization and its position in the market?

We are the oldest natural organic cosmetic company in Japan. It is also the company that handles WELEDA, which has the longest history of natural organic cosmetic companies in the world. Our new products will definitely have a big impact on the Japanese market and maybe in the Asian market, also. After its release, many rival companies will imitate it. We believe that we have a role to play in expanding this market, so we are working on research and development every day.

What are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

The market is always made up of three elements- ‘customers’, ‘competitors’, and ‘own’. It is very difficult to grasp customer trends, but we can clearly see the movements of our competitors and our company. It's a simple matter, but in fact, I feel that many companies are not even able to grasp two things that are certain. Understand the unclear and certain parts separately, and turn the vector of the company toward the future. With this in mind, we formulate corporate strategies.

The burgeoning demand from the new generation and most demography are driven by rising consumer consciousness towards the source of origin of cosmetic products

What are the best industry practices you have instilled in your team to draw valuable insights from the market to help the company stay afloat and informed of the trends and market fluctuations?

I always tell my staff that the answer is in the market. You can't get to the correct answer by debating it in the company office. If the boss says OK, the job is done. However, even when the boss says it is good, it is often different from the correct answer demanded by the market. Of course, what I said is not necessarily correct. The team's focus should be on the market, not the boss. I devise ways to assimilate the awareness within the company with the market. We are making our staff aware of the market.

What measures have you implemented to ensure the maintenance from the manufacturing of your products to their delivery?

It is important to carefully check the point of contact between the customer and the product. No matter how good the product is shipped from the factory, it is meaningless if it is not good by the time it reaches the customer. It's not the intermediate steps that matter. The truth about how the product is delivered to the customer is important.

Where do you see yourself headed towards the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?

Being made in Japan used to be a high added value, but not anymore. We are now in an era where it is difficult to add load value just because there is a factory in Japan. I want to use the manufacturing process as material for sales promotion, not just as a place where things are made. My dream is to build a factory that produces clean water, air, and soil, and create a production system that makes the process of making natural organic cosmetics the best sales promotion.

Yoshiaki Hagiwara, CEO & President, Nature’s Way

A proficient leader in natural organic products manufacturing and delivery, Yoshiaki is the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association Director and Aroma Environment Association Director, contributing to the space through NATURE’S WAY.

Hobbies: Baseball

Favorite Cuisine: Ramen, Japanese noodles

Favorite Book: Manga

Favorite Travel Destination: Hokkaido

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