Yoshihiro Hagino: Bridging Beauty Innovations Across Borders & Boundaries

Yoshihiro Hagino: Bridging Beauty Innovations Across Borders & Boundaries

Yoshihiro Hagino , Vice President - Manufacturing & Technology Innovation Dept

Yoshihiro Hagino

Vice President - Manufacturing & Technology Innovation Dept

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that caters to the diverse needs and desires of consumers worldwide. In this industry, innovation is a key driver, with companies continually striving to develop unique products and deliver exceptional value to customers. One notable leader in this field is Yoshihiro Hagino, Vice President of the Manufacturing & Technology Innovation Department at Shiseido. Hagino's impressive journey began with his graduation from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tohoku University. He gained valuable experience during his tenure at P&G Corporation, where he held pivotal roles in production engineering and manufacturing, particularly during a significant shift in laundry detergent technology. In 2019, he brought his expertise to Shiseido, contributing to the development of cutting-edge labor-saving technology and IoT/AI solutions while also driving strategic initiatives within the Global Manufacturing division. His contributions exemplify Shiseido's commitment to innovation and excellence in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Let’s read more.

Tell us about your professional journey and the motivation behind managing daily routines.

My professional journey has been guided by a fundamental principle: people find purpose in living for others. Reflecting on my career thus far, I have consistently embraced challenges, even those I wasn't initially inclined toward. To surmount these challenges, I diligently gathered information and sought to gain insights and stayed updated on cutting-edge technology and solutions from both within and outside my organization. This proactive approach allowed me to apply these insights and implement solutions that considered the perspectives of both management and frontline employees. resulting achievements were often accompanied by expressions of appreciation from those affected, serving as a powerful motivator for me to tackle the next challenge.

In my view, this appreciation must be a consequence of doing the right thing in the right way, not for personal gain but for the betterment of others. This principle has been the driving force behind my professional journey, shaping my daily routines and inspiring me to continually seek opportunities to positively impact the lives of those around me.

Tell us about your academic experience at Tohoku University. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

Tohoku University stands as one of Japan's premier research institutions, drawing in exceptional students from all corners of the world. It’s a deep respect for students' self-initiative and its provision of an environment that encourages us to immerse ourselves in our research pursuits fully. I also had the privilege of engaging in open and constructive discussions regarding joint research projects, and whenever I encountered obstacles in my research, my senior colleagues were always willing to offer valuable advice. This experience instilled in me the courage to embrace new challenges without the fear of failure and emphasized the importance of assuming strong responsibility for achieving my goals, taking into account every possible approach to deliver tangible results.

How has Shiseido maintained its prominence in the beauty and cosmetics product manufacturing industry since its establishment in 1872?

In 1872, Shiseido opened its doors in Ginza, Tokyo as Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy and transformed into a global beauty giant that currently operates in approximately 120 countries and regions around the world. Despite facing numerous business challenges during its 150-year history such as the Great Kanto Earthquake and World War II, Shiseido has consistently adapted to changing business landscapes. The key to our enduring success lies in our unwavering commitment to 'continuing to evolve'. This commitment extends not only to our business strategies but also to our product development. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and skin beauty science, ensuring product quality without compromise, collaborating with artists for innovative creatives, and delivering an exquisite digital and in-store experience, our team takes immense pride in consistently exceeding consumer expectations through continual evolution.

What are the factors you look into when developing strategies for long-term digital transformation in your role?

In my role, when formulating strategies for long-term digital transformation, I prioritize various essential factors. Within my responsibilities for Shiseido Manufacturing's DX strategy, I focus not only on the adoption of digital technologies but also on fostering the necessary organizational capabilities and cultivating a culture that enables and sustains DX initiatives. This comprehensive approach ensures that digital transformation is not just a technological shift but a holistic, people-centric evolution that can bring about efficiency improvements, enhance consumer experiences, and create a new competitive edge.

How do you foster a culture of innovation within your team?

In the realm of global technical leadership, the approach to problem-solving takes a distinctive turn from the typical tendencies observed in many tech leaders. Unlike relying solely on personal technical expertise, savvy leaders in this sphere recognize that technologies serve as means to achieve broader business goals. They invest time in understanding diverse technological landscapes and, more importantly, propose a range of options for top management to choose the best-suited solution. This mindset, crucial for global technical leaders, emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive understanding of technologies and the ability to present viable options, aligning technical strategies with overarching business objectives. This shift in mindset fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, disrupting conventional approaches and paving the way for more effective and strategic technological solutions.

What is the future direction you aspire to follow?

In the remaining chapters of my life, I aspire to influence as many people as possible, including my children, friends, and colleagues at Shiseido. I find immense joy in sharing my experiences and insights with future generations, with the hope that they may resonate with even a fraction of my journey. Ultimately, my aim is that this shared wisdom contributes, in some small way, to their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment in life.

Yoshihiro Hagino, Vice President - Manufacturing & Technology Innovation Dept, Shiseido

Yoshihiro Hagino, a Chemical Engineering graduate from Tohoku University, is a prominent figure in the beauty industry. With a background at P&G, he now leads manufacturing and technology innovation at Shiseido, driving cutting-edge solutions and global strategies.

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