Bahrain Widens EV Charging Network Through KPS-ABB Agreement


Following a strategic agreement between Kanoo Power Solutions and Swedish-Swiss engineering company ABB, Bahrain is set to see an increase in electric car charging stations. This action is part of Bahrain's efforts to encourage sustainable mobility throughout the country.

In line to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, the KPS-ABB agreement is aimed at accelerating the adoption of EVs by expanding the Gulf country’s electric charging infrastructure. Sudhindra Kalibhat, head of KPS, emphasized that their partnership with ABB represents a significant step toward building a sustainable future for Bahrain, as per arabnews.

He added, “Our extensive network and expertise in power solutions, coupled with ABB’s state-of-the-art technology, can accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by supporting the growing demand for fast, reliable and convenient EV charging stations.”

The ABB EV charging stations provide connectivity options that allow for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and updates, which increase performance and facilitate future advancements. According to Vinayak Joshi, ABB's vice president of electrification business for the GCC and East Africa, their EV charging stations have several notable qualities, including quick and smooth charging and solving availability and speed difficulties.

He added, “Its flexibility and interoperability ensure compatibility with diverse EV models, promoting convenience for users regardless of their vehicle’s make.” The collaboration underscores a commitment to sustainable transportation, aligning with the global transition toward eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Its principal goal is to encourage the use of EVs, resulting in a dependable and environmentally responsible charging network. ABB provides a complete variety of e-mobility solutions for various automotive categories, including automobiles, buses, and trucks, with over 13 years of technology and innovation leadership in EV charging systems.

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