Chunghwa Telecom Names Mr. Shui-Yi Kuo As New Chairman


Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., Mr. Shui-Yi Kuo, the company's president, will succeed Mr. Chi-Mau Sheih as chairman . The Board of Directors approved the appointment during a special board meeting that was held.

Mr. Kuo has a wealth of experience, and since joining Chunghwa Telecom, he has held a number of executive positions, including president and chief financial officer.

In the handover ceremony that immediately followed the extraordinary board meeting, Chairman Kuo shared his four ABC strategies, four values, and three visions that he had developed under the current internal and external context and that he had learned from his predecessors in the telecom industry as well as world-class enterprises and leaders.

The mission of the company, according to Chairman Kuo, is to build reliable digital ecosystems that enable individuals, families, governments, enterprise customers, and international customers to create values for customers, strategic partners, shareholders, and employees. The four ABC assets of the company are partner asset, technology platform, infrastructure asset, and talent asset. Additionally, Chairman Kuo vowed to steer the business in a positive direction based on the company's "Always Ahead" ethos and a set of shared values that include honesty, respect for clients, innovation, and value creation, as well as a dedication to accountability.

In fact, Chunghwa Telecom just completed a successful organisational transformation and achieved its five-year peak performance in 2022, building on its "Rise on together 2021" strategic transformation. Chairman Kuo stated that the business will continue to pursue transcendence while moving towards transformation. He outlined three visions for the business to foster the next growth engine: to become the global benchmark based on ESG goals; to become a leading brand of digital ecosystem enablers; and to become a major high-tech firm with a market value well beyond $100 million.

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