Bahrain To Promote Renewable Energy Share To 5% of Electricity Generation By 2025


The nation of Bahrain has intensified efforts to boost the share of its renewable energy to 5% of its total electricity generation by 2025, in keeping with the goals of its National Energy Transition Plan. 

The action, according to Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, president of the nation's Electricity and Water Authority, is a part of a plan to diversify the state's energy supplies and reach a 20 percent share of renewable resources by 2035.According to Mohammed, EWA has already made a number of steps, such as streamlining the application connection process and establishing the policies to make it easier to integrate renewable energy sources into the authority's electrical network. 

“Bahrain is dedicated to its transition to sustainable energy and its commitments in COP26 by investing in renewable energy resources and ultimately reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2060,” he said. 

The president of the authority said, "EWA has adopted the eligibility criteria for the enrollment of consultants and contractors for distributed renewable energy resources." At the moment, Bahrain has 54 contractors and 93 consultants who are authorized to distribute renewable energy sources. 

Additionally, the authority has developed rigorous technical criteria in an effort to guarantee the highest quality of the machinery and other components used in the renewable energy system. Additionally, EWA and Bahrain's Information and eGovernment Authority are working together to digitize every stage of renewable energy applications through the centralized Benayat platform. 

Benayat is Bahrain's online system for issuing building permits, which further streamlines and expedites the application procedure. According to Mohammed, 303 applications in total have been made thus far for the installation of renewable energy from the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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