Blue Ocean Tech Announces Partnership & Strategic Investment with Tokyo Stock Exchange


The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC, a pioneer in global after-hours trading and a unique capital markets fintech company, announced a strategic agreement that will increase the trading customer bases of both TSE and Blue Ocean ATS, the Blue Ocean trading platform. The TSE invested 5% of the proceeds from the new partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies. The deal is anticipated to finalize in September 2023.

Blue Ocean Technologies will make its first foray into the Japanese trading sector as part of the new strategic collaboration, enhancing its ongoing expansion in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.  

Brian Hyndman, President and CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies and Blue Ocean ATS, commented, "Today we are delighted to take a strategic step in our mission of increasing our footprint within the Asia-Pacific region. Our partnership with the Tokyo Stock Exchange is both a strategic development for Blue Ocean and for all Japanese investors, providing them the opportunity to trade US stocks during their daytime hours. Furthermore, we are very excited to have a global capital markets leader like the TSE validate our business model with their investment, which will contribute to our overall business growth, technology and infrastructure development while providing new trading choices and transparency for local Japanese investors," he added.

"Blue Ocean ATS is a unique and ambitious US equities trading venue operating in the Asian time zone, and we are looking forward to working with them," said Hiroki Kawai, Senior Executive Officer of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. "We hope to expand the business and customer base of both Blue Ocean and TSE to provide a variety of investment opportunities to investors in both Japan and the US."

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