China and Russia To Focus on Business Ties


In a diplomatic exchange, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed China's willingness to continuing business cooperation with Russia. President Putin accepted an invitation from his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to visit China in October, coinciding with the Belt and Road Summit.

Following talks with Wang Yi in Moscow, President Putin emphasized the congruence of Russia and China's visions for a "large Eurasian space." He also stated that China's Belt and Road Initiative was critical to this shared vision. The Belt and Road Initiative is a massive program aiming at increasing Chinese influence in developing countries through massive infrastructural investments.

Notably, since Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict, President Putin has redirected the country's focus towards China. However, China has kept its stance neutral as far as the Ukraine conflict is concerned. But Beijing has been strong in its stand in denouncing Western sanctions against Moscow, as per wionews.

Furthermore, China has accused NATO and the US of inciting Russian military moves and has declared a "no-limits" friendship with Russia. During his visit, senior Russian security official Nikolai Patrushev urged Moscow and Beijing to improve policy coordination. He stated that this coordination is perceived as a response to Western efforts to restrict both countries while Putin has crucial security discussions with Beijing. 

The Kremlin has also frequently reaffirmed its support for Beijing, as Russia and China enhance their ties in the face of deteriorating relations with the West. Wang Yi's visit to Russia began on Monday (September 18) and will last four days.

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