Citigroup plans a collaboration with an Indian bank to aid women entrepreneurs


citiCitigroup Inc. intends to announce a collaboration with an Indian bank aimed at financing female entrepreneurs running small businesses in India. This initiative is part of Citigroup's broader efforts in providing funding to enterprises, including automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, and businesses across Asia, Central America, and other regions. Jane Fraser, the Chief Executive Officer, mentioned during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in San Francisco that they plan to offer capital to over 300,000 rural female entrepreneurs in India. This financial support aims to facilitate the growth of their small businesses and enhance their involvement in global trade. Fraser did not disclose the name of the specific Indian bank involved in the partnership.

Fraser highlighted Citigroup's global presence across 160 countries and emphasized their reliance on trade and supply chains. She acknowledged recent geopolitical and macroeconomic disruptions that have made sourcing and moving manufactured goods more challenging. Fraser mentioned that Citigroup, headquartered in New York, recently provided financial support for an auto parts plant in Guanajuato, Mexico, for a Korean company. Additionally, the bank is collaborating with electric vehicle manufacturers to establish factories and retail outlets in Thailand. She stressed Citigroup's advocacy for continued global collaboration and open markets, emphasizing that genuine resilience stems from robust and diverse supply chains. Fraser emphasized that the decoupling of major economies is neither feasible nor wise.

This year's APEC conference garnered global attention, especially with Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping holding their first meeting in a year, aiming to alleviate tensions between the US and China that have posed threats to global economic growth. Subsequently, Xi Jinping had dinner with notable US business leaders, including Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., and Larry Fink from BlackRock Inc. A month ago, Fraser initiated Citigroup's most significant restructuring in twenty years, aiming to streamline the firm and enhance returns. As part of this effort, the bank plans to reduce its organizational layers from 13 to eight. Fraser has emphasized the elimination of co-head positions to ensure clear individual accountability across the organization.

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