Cruise Saudi Collaborates with Columbia Blue To Promote AROYA Cruises Offering


For the development of its much anticipated premium cruise line, AROYA Cruises, Cruise Saudi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, has announced a strategic cooperation with the leisure services platform, Columbia blue. By choosing Columbia blue, one of the top companies in the ship management sector, as its official ship manager for AROYA Cruises, Cruise Saudi made a big decision. 

The platform has a broad portfolio that includes some of the most prestigious companies in the world and specializes in managing passenger ships for cruises and expeditions. 

Columbia blue will be in charge of AROYA Cruises' hotel management operations under the terms of this cooperation, taking care of crucial facets including visitor relations, housekeeping, crew management, and food and beverage. The platform will also be in charge of managing the deck and engines, assuring both the seamless running of the ship and the safety of its passengers. In discussing the alliance, Lars Clasen, CEO of Cruise Saudi, stressed its importance in providing passengers on AROYA Cruises with a distinctive journey.  

“Columbia blue is a leader in the ship management industry and an instrumental organization for AROYA Cruises to work with. This strategic partnership is crucial in ensuring that AROYA Cruises passengers have the best possible experience on-board,” he said. 

The collaboration supports Cruise Saudi's goal of providing a distinctive cruise experience in the Arabian Gulf. Norman Schmiedl, CEO of Columbia Blue, took satisfaction in helping AROYA Cruises passengers have a truly Arabian experience.  

He added: “We are extremely proud to be helping AROYA Cruises deliver a remarkably Arabian experience to their guests. We are deploying all of our 40 years of experience in cruise ship management to deliver safe, efficient and sustainable standards to AROYA Cruises.” 

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