Edge Acquires Leading Abu Dhabi-based Firm OryxLabs


Edge, one of the top advanced technology and defense companies in the world, has announced the acquisition of OryxLabs, a well-known cybersecurity business with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. To protect its clients from new cyber dangers, OryxLabs offers customized cybersecurity solutions. The company has been tasked with addressing cybersecurity concerns at scale while providing great services to its clients. The company has a heavy emphasis on cutting-edge research, engineering, and innovation. Edge has the chance to broaden its product offering thanks to the acquisition, which also gives it access to cutting-edge cybersecurity pain points solutions on a national and worldwide level.

Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director and CEO of Edge, said: “Edge Group's rapid growth and increasing emphasis on creating sovereign capabilities necessitates pursuing opportunities that enhance our capabilities and expand our offerings. Adding OryxLabs into the group is a logical step, enabling us to elevate our portfolio of advanced technology solutions. 
“OryxLabs' proven track record and its ability to deliver on advanced solutions will provide tangible benefits to Edge, our clients, and strategic partners. Together, we are well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and offer unparalleled cybersecurity solutions."

Currently, OryxLabs uses three proprietary products: DNS Firewall, which keeps an eye on outgoing DNS traffic from an organization's network and remotely controlled computers to ensure that existing endpoint devices do not access any malicious websites; Vulncano, which is used to identify malicious actors or uncover weaknesses within an entity's own environment.

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