Edotco unveils strategic initiative with telecom Infra project for 5G/4G in-building solutions


The Edotco Group and Telecom Infra Project (TIP) have announced a joint strategic plan to strengthen connectivity and empower local communities.

The integrated telecommunications infrastructure company stated in a statement that this programme will begin in Malaysia as part of a series of trial projects before making the 5G connection available to a larger portion of the area in the following three years.

Six pilot in-building solutions with a Neutral Host concept and shareable 4G and 5G tiny cells will be implemented by Edotco in Malaysia's most famous structures. This comprises Merdeka 118, KL Sentral, and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Along with the growing need to create more traffic over the next ten years, the endeavour will give users improved indoor coverage.

The company said that with the implementation of this solution, mobile customers will be able to experience high speed, low latency, and metaverse-ready internet.

The edotco group's director and group chief executive officer, Adlan Tajudin (pictured), stated that the company believes in forming ties with organisations whose values line with its own in order to maximise its potential as a leader in sustainable digital connectivity in Asia.

We couldn't be more thrilled to partner with the Telecom Infra Project "as we continue to make good on our mission to connect the disconnected."

Together, the two businesses, he continued, may hasten equal access to global digital connectivity for Malaysians and eventually other communities.

Through this effort, TIP will offer technical know-how and strategic direction to advance international best practises for scalable in-building solutions. In contrast, Edotco will be the owner, operator, manager, and lessee of the infrastructure for telecom providers using a Neutral Host Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) model.

Following a successful implementation, edotco plans to introduce shareable tiny cells widely in all of their Asian regions.

TIP's chief engineer, Dave Hutton, stated that the company is continually seeking partners to create a worldwide community of businesses and organisations that have a similar objective to hasten the development and adoption of open, disaggregated, and standards-based technological solutions.

Given edotco's constant drive of maximising connectivity for residents throughout the region, we are ecstatic to consider the opportunities this effort will open up.

The partnership with edotco will speed up our efforts to realise the potential of Neutral Host models globally, said John Hartin, CEO of TeleworX and co-chair of TIP's Neutral Host NaaS Solutions Group: "This is an ambitious effort to spotlight the economic benefits of the Neutral Host model in multiple scenarios with multiple network architectures while improving best practises along the way."

The partnership demonstrates edotco's dedication to creating more fair and sustainable connectivity for nations both locally and globally.

This comes just after the company unveiled a revised strategy plan that underscores the group's goal of being Asia's leading next-generation tower company.

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