Ericsson Inks MoU With Zain Group For Energy-Efficient Networks


To develop and investigate joint sustainability initiatives targeted at creating more energy-efficient future networks, Ericsson and Zain Group have signed a memorandum of understanding. As a result of their cooperation, the two businesses will be able to reduce their carbon impact and move towards Net Zero.

The new sustainable initiatives will investigate ways to lower energy use and waste generation inside the Zain Group networks, building on their long-standing solid connection.

In accordance with the conditions of the contract, Ericsson will use its international expertise to conduct workshop sessions on subjects related to sustainable networks. The two businesses will also co-host a number of knowledge-sharing sessions on energy-efficient techniques, such as Ericsson's 'Breaking the Energy Curve' programme, which will help Zain Group use Ericsson products, solutions, features, and services to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

Additionally, they will look into prospects for cooperation on Ericsson's international Product Take-Back Programme, which promotes ethical e-waste disposal and recycling. Ericsson retrieves its outmoded items from its partners and disposes of them responsibly as part of the company's extended producer responsibility, assisting them in minimising their environmental impact.

Jennifer Suleiman, Zain Group Chief Sustainability Officer, says: “Addressing climate change and protecting biodiversity should be key priorities for every organization and everyone living on this planet for the sake of future generations. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we proactively seek out ways to cut down on carbon emissions, mitigate climate-related risks and conserve water and energy. Our latest partnership with Ericsson is one of many decisive steps we are taking on our transition to Net Zero by 2050.”

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