Essar Chooses Technology Partner for UK Carbon Capture Facility


EssarEssar Oil UK has announced the selection of Denmark-based Topsoe as a key technology provider for the implementation of an industrial carbon capture facility in its Stanlow project in the UK, aimed at transitioning its energy operations. According to the company's statement, Topsoe will supply its sustainable flue-gas treatment technology, SNOXTM. This move marks a significant stride in Essar Oil UK's USD 1.2 billion investment plan to decarbonize its refinery, targeting a reduction of approximately 2 million tons of CO2 emissions. The goal is to establish the world's foremost low carbon refinery, producing eco-friendly fuels. Earlier this year, Essar established a new entity, Essar Energy Transition (EET), dedicated to driving low carbon initiatives in the UK and India for the next five years. EET will allocate investments across the Stanlow site (located between Liverpool and Manchester) and in India, focusing on the development of low carbon energy projects.

Deepak Maheshwari, CEO of Essar Oil UK, highlighted, "Essar Oil UK is set to advance its decarbonization strategy into the next phase with a significant investment of USD 1.2 billion. This substantial commitment positions our refinery as a pioneering low carbon facility globally. Our planned industrial carbon capture facility, coupled with the forthcoming hydrogen fuel switching initiative, will drastically slash the refinery's CO2 emissions by an impressive 95 percent". Maheshwari emphasized the value of partnering with Topsoe, citing their SNOX technology as a reliable and environmentally sound flue-gas treatment solution.

The company's comprehensive decarbonization plan aims to address refinery emissions through two key projects firstly, the implementation of an industrial carbon capture (ICC) system at Stanlow, targeted for operational status by 2028. Secondly, the shift from natural gas to hydrogen as the primary fuel source. These initiatives are anticipated to collectively reduce annual emissions by approximately 1 million tons of CO2 each. The company asserted that these strategic measures will position Essar Oil UK at the forefront of the UK's energy transition, facilitating the production of the nation's inaugural low carbon fuels. This move ensures the refinery's pivotal role in fortifying UK energy security and resilience.

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