Falabella Hires Ashutosh Dabral As Managing Director For its India Office


Ashutosh Dabral has been named the Managing Director for Falabella, India by Falabella, a vibrant Latin American retail giant and a pioneering worldwide innovation at the forefront of reinventing the retail and digital scene.

Falabella India, established in 2018, has grown to be the focal point of technology advancement and innovation within the Falabella group. The Falabella Group's transformative initiatives mostly focus on specialist technology at the Bangalore innovation hub, which now employs 450 workers.

Ashutosh has a career spanning more than two decades and is a treasure of knowledge in various cutting-edge industries, including fintech, e-commerce, and consumer internet. He has shown a remarkable ability to negotiate the complexities of technology, product management, and analytics on a worldwide scale by holding major positions in organizations like Yahoo, Target, Dell, AOL, and Tata CLiQ.

Ashutosh was a key contributor in his previous positions to creating features and products that millions of consumers in the US, Europe, and Asia found useful. His direction was essential in advancing the Yahoo Search Monetization strategy, the Search and Browse experience, and other AOL projects. In his previous position, he oversaw the product, technology, and analytics organizations at Tata CLiQ as the CTPO.

Ashish Grover, CIO, Falabella Group, said, "Falabella India is a vital technology hub for us, focused on niche technology and transformative initiatives. Ashutosh is a proven and accomplished leader with deep technology expertise. His appointment as the Managing Director of Falabella India will help us accelerate the transformational journey of Falabella in the Latin American Markets."

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