Finance House Inks MoU With Emirates Entrepreneurship Association


A Memorandum of Understanding between Finance House LLC and the Emirates Entrepreneurship Association aims to promote the expansion of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in the UAE.

Sanad Al Meqbali, Chairman of EEA, and Mohamed Abdulla Jumaa Alqubaisi, Founder of Finance House, represented their respective institutions at the signing ceremony in Abu Dhabi.

According to the terms of the agreement, Finance House LLC, a Finance House Group affiliate, will provide a variety of financial services to EEA members, competitive deposit rates, and company finance education seminars.

Alqubaisi said: “We are delighted to embark on this collaboration with the EEA, as it solidifies our dedication to strengthening the UAE’s economic landscape. Finance House reaffirms its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and propelling the mSME sector forward through this MoU. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to create innovative financial solutions that empower businesses and drive significant growth in the UAE. Together with the EEA, we will shape a thriving ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and fuels the nation’s progress.”

Sanad Al Meqbali, said: “This MoU signifies our unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and driving the growth of mSMEs across the UAE. By joining forces with Finance House, we can leverage their expertise and resources to unleash the mSME sector’s full potential, contributing to our nation’s economic prosperity. Together, we will foster an environment that nurtures innovation, encourages entrepreneurship, and propels the UAE to new heights of success. We noticed that some of the traditional financing solutions on the market are not meeting the challenges of entrepreneurs, and some business nature. With our partnership with FH, we believe that the solution of financing (on a need-based basis) will push up the mSME sector. And it’s the right product to solve a lot of entrepreneurs’ challenges.”

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