Harvest Partners with MetaComp to Launch HK-listed Crypto ETFs in Singapore


Harvest Global Investments, based in Hong Kong, has announced a significant collaboration with MetaComp, a financial technology group based in Singapore, aimed at introducing cryptocurrency spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to investors in Singapore. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in bringing digital asset investment opportunities to the city-state's financial market.

According to a memorandum of understanding inked by both entities, MetaComp and its associated entities will grant investors access to Harvest's cryptocurrency spot exchange traded funds (ETFs) through its exclusive client assets management platform, Camp by MetaComp. This agreement signals a concerted effort to extend the reach of digital asset investment opportunities to investors utilizing MetaComp's innovative platform.

As per the Singapore-based fintech, the endeavor aims to broaden the international presence of the Harvest ETFs while empowering MetaComp to enhance its wealth solution portfolio with in-demand financial products. This initiative underscores a strategic collaboration geared towards offering investors diversified options within the evolving landscape of financial services.

Harvest Global Investments is among the Hong Kong units of three mainland Chinese asset managers also including Bosera Asset Management and China Asset Management which launched two ETFs each tracking bitcoin and ether prices on April 30. The Bosera funds were launched in partnership with HashKey Capital.

Aside from facilitating the distribution of crypto ETFs, the partnership between MetaComp and Harvest will delve into possibilities for integrating Harvest's array of asset management solutions into MetaComp's service lineup. The fintech firm has also confirmed plans to furnish Harvest with access to its suite of digital payment token services. This collaborative effort reflects a commitment to harnessing synergies between the two entities to offer enhanced financial solutions to their clientele.

The collaboration is envisioned to cater not only to the current client base of both organizations but also to attract new segments seeking advanced financial solutions spanning traditional finance and crypto finance. Bo Bai, chair and co-founder of MetaComp, emphasized that the agreement reaffirms his company's dedication to serving as the conduit connecting traditional finance and crypto finance realms. This strategic partnership underscores a concerted effort to meet the evolving needs of a diverse range of investors navigating the intersection of traditional and digital financial landscapes.

“With Harvest’s expertise in asset management and MetaComp’s robust capabilities in providing a comprehensive suite of digital payment solutions, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and the market”, he added. MetaComp, renowned for its expertise in blockchain technology and digital assets, operates under the licensing and regulation of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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