Hershey Appoints Luigi Mirri as General Manager of Hershey India


TheThe Hershey Company has revealed the selection of Luigi Mirri as the General Manager for India, starting from January 1, 2024. According to the company's statement released on January 2, Mirri, who currently holds the role of APAC General Manager, will extend his responsibilities to include overseeing operations in India. He was instrumental in driving the brand's expansion into significant markets like Australia, building strong partnerships with 7-Eleven stores, enhancing the stability and growth of Hershey Korea, and fostering Hershey's business in the Philippines and Thailand, resulting in sustained double-digit growth over several years.

"Geetika Mehta, who formerly led the Indian division, has assumed the role of Managing Director at Nivea. Prior to her tenure at The Hershey Company over five years ago, Mirri held high-ranking positions at Ferrero Rocher, another confectionary firm in India".

"Rohit Grover, the President of international operations at The Hershey Company, highlighted the vital roles that both India and APAC regions play in shaping the company's future. Grover emphasized the growing significance of the Indian market and praised Luigi's exceptional track record in propelling growth, enhancing profitability for major corporations, and leading successful turnarounds. Grover underscored Luigi's leadership to foster the company's desired growth and explore untapped opportunities".

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