Hyundai Motor Unveils New Electric Air Taxi Prototype


HyundaiHyundai Motor Group has presented the prototype of its latest air taxi model during the global technology exposition 'CES 2024', marking a significant stride in its pursuit of the international electric flying taxi market. Supernal, a U.S.-based air taxi division under Hyundai, unveiled the product concept of the S-A2, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), at the Las Vegas trade show. This aircraft, evolved from Hyundai's prior S-A1 vision concept, amalgamates Supernal's advanced aerospace engineering with Hyundai Motor Group's automotive design ethos, aiming to introduce a novel mode of urban transportation for ferrying individuals. The objective is to offer an innovative means of commuting within urban regions by leveraging the fusion of aerospace and automotive design expertise.

Supernal aims to attain commercial aviation safety standards and streamline the cost-effective production of its aircraft as it prepares for market entry in 2028. The S-A2, designed with a V-tail configuration, is engineered to travel at 120 miles per hour, cruising at an altitude of 1,500 feet, aligning with typical urban transportation requirements. Hyundai highlights its distributed electric propulsion architecture and the incorporation of eight tilting rotors that efficiently power the vehicle in both vertical lift and horizontal flight phases.

Collaborating with Hyundai Motor Group's automotive designers, Supernal's engineering teams focused on harmonizing aesthetics and functionality for the S-A2. Shin Jai-won, head of the group's advanced air mobility and CEO of Supernal, emphasized the company's long-term vision of creating the right product for the market at the opportune moment. Shin highlighted that the unveiling of the S-A2 underlines the group's unwavering dedication to delivering a secure and efficient aircraft design, offering a clear pathway for market introduction.

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