Imperial inaugurates debut global research hub in Singapore


InIn Singapore, Imperial's scientists will collaborate closely with various sectors including universities, industries, government entities and third-sector partners. The inaugural research initiative at the new center involves a significant S$20 million grant, in partnership with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), aimed at enhancing the security of medical devices and health data. Known as IN-CYPHER, this program will utilize Imperial's specialized knowledge to position Singapore as a frontrunner in health cybersecurity and the application of AI in healthcare. The initiative aims to elevate research efforts and financial support in these burgeoning fields.

The new center, an extension of the enduring Imperial-NTU Singapore strategic partnership, aims to swiftly scale up novel scientific advancements and technology for the benefit of society and commercial utilization across Southeast Asia. Within state-of-the-art laboratories at the center, Imperial faculty and doctoral students will collaborate with counterparts from Singapore's esteemed universities and institutes. The center will facilitate various impactful collaborative research ventures to address significant global issues such as pandemic readiness, climate concerns, the shift to net zero, and advancements in artificial intelligence.

Additionally, the center in Singapore will allow Imperial to broaden its engagement in the region by introducing entrepreneurship initiatives, fostering startup acceleration, facilitating student placements, and launching programs focused on delivering new technology and innovations for societal welfare. Situated at the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE), the pioneering research center will operate within an international research campus and innovation hub. CREATE hosts interdisciplinary research hubs from leading global universities and research institutes to collaborate with local institutions.

Professor Hugh Brady, President of Imperial, expressed great enthusiasm about enhancing Imperial's contribution to Singapore's research and innovation landscape. Imperial Global: Singapore aims to connect with Singapore and Southeast Asia's world-class science and technology, establishing a pathway for stronger collaboration with the United Kingdom. The initial emphasis on medical device and health data security is particularly timely given the critical role it plays in improving patient outcomes and maintaining the integrity of health systems.

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