Japan Radio Co. Partners with Caspar AI for Asian Care Platform


Caspar AI, a pioneer in AI-driven healthcare technology, is excited to announce the worldwide introduction of its groundbreaking Comprehensive Care Platform in Asia in collaboration with Japan Radio Co., Ltd. This expansion signifies a major achievement in Caspar AI’s goal to improve patient care using advanced AI solutions.

The Comprehensive Care Platform by Caspar AI provides holistic, patient-centric care by leveraging cloud-based AI to deliver early detection of over 20 health and wellness conditions. The platform passively monitors behavioral, movement, and vitals data to generate actionable health insights without the need for wearables or cameras. This non-obtrusive, passive monitoring approach identifies subtleties in behavior that signal clinical risk factors and enable early interventions, leading to better health outcomes and more efficient care delivery.

Through this strategic collaboration, JRC will integrate Caspar AI’s technology into their healthcare solutions, commencing initial deployments in Asia. This partnership seeks to merge JRC’s deep knowledge in communication technologies with Caspar AI’s pioneering health and wellness platform to provide enhanced home-based care solutions throughout the region.

“We are impressed by Caspar AI’s suite of health scores and analytics provided with passive contactless sensing. This innovative technology aligns with the commitment of JRC to safety and security through advanced communication solutions. We look forward to deploying their products into homes across the Asian market, enhancing our capabilities and service offerings”, stated Kengo Tsushima from JRC.

An exceptional feature of Caspar AI’s Comprehensive Care Platform is its utilization of Generative AI. Through ongoing analysis of data from diverse sources including ambient sensors, EHRs, and wearables, Caspar AI identifies numerous health indicators, enabling the detection of subtle health changes. This capability facilitates proactive alerts and detailed care reports, assisting healthcare professionals in early diagnosis and the efficient management of conditions such as sleep apnea, ADHD, urinary tract infections, and various chronic diseases.

“We are excited to bring our Comprehensive Care Platform to Asia and collaborate with JRC to expand our reach into a large segment of homes across APAC”, said Ashutosh Saxena, CEO of Caspar AI. “This partnership will allow us to leverage JRC’s regional expertise and infrastructure, ensuring that our cutting-edge AI technology will benefit families and their care providers, driving better overall health outcomes”.

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