WRISE Prestige and Kingkey Team Up to Boost Asian Financial Services


WRISE Prestige, a subsidiary of WRISE Group, has revealed its strategic partnership with Kingkey Privilege Wealth Management (Kingkey), a prominent financial institution. This collaboration aims to strengthen cooperation and provide a wide range of services including life insurance, over-the-counter (OTC) securities, and funds. This initiative underscores WRISE’s commitment to building an integrated wealth ecosystem that caters comprehensively to its clients.

Launched in February 2024, WRISE Prestige aims to expand WRISE's reach to the mass affluent market and cater to the next generation of affluent individuals in the region. By 2030, Asia's middle class is expected to grow by over 3.5 billion people, with Southeast Asia’s mass-affluent individuals forecasted to reach 136 million, driving a significant rise in demand for wealth management services for this segment.

Through their newly forged collaboration, WRISE Prestige and Kingkey will mutually leverage their networks and expertise. By combining their resources, they aim to enhance their product and service offerings significantly and expand their presence across diverse client segments in the region. This partnership will also foster the sharing of industry knowledge and expertise, fostering a deeper understanding of client requirements and driving innovation within the wealth management sector.

“This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to providing accessibility of solutions that were previously reserved for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals to the mass-affluent market”, said Derrick Tan, Group Executive Chairman of WRISE Group. “By collaborating with Kingkey, we can offer a comprehensive 360-degree wealth ecosystem that combines wealth management, wealth planning and technology innovation offerings to serve a broader client base".

“Kingkey clients will benefit from enhanced offerings and capabilities through WRISE, a leading wealth management firm, with innovative services addressing the growing demand among the UHNWI and mass-affluent market across the region", said Kelly Yu, Chief Partnership Officer of Kingkey Privilege Wealth Management. "This partnership fosters a more inclusive and dynamic wealth management landscape, providing clients with access to WRISE’s UHNW offerings and a wider range of wealth management solutions as their financial needs evolve”.

In a commitment to strengthen the wealth management sector in the region, WRISE and Kingkey have collaborated on the launch of WRISE Academy, a formal training program. This educational platform is designed to empower independent wealth consultants and industry partners through comprehensive training modules covering areas such as product knowledge, ethical investing, and more. The goal is to equip them with up-to-date skills and expertise needed to deliver top-tier wealth management services. WRISE Academy will also provide continuous professional development opportunities and promote a collaborative learning environment, aiming to cultivate a highly proficient wealth management workforce across Asia. Initially, these enhanced offerings will be accessible to clients in Hong Kong, with plans to expand across the broader region.

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