Japanese firm TEPCO to grow 1.9 GW of offshore wind power in Scotland


Along with the Norwegian firm Vargronn, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) announced that it had obtained the right to develop up to 1.9 GW of floating offshore wind capacity across two projects in Scotland.

In the coming two decades, a large number of formerly traditional energy and power corporations are turning their focus to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biofuels in order to reduce pollution and meet their own and governmental goals.

TEPCO's UK division, Float Energy, and Vargronn will build the two projects in Scotland, Green Volt and Cenos, the company announced in a statement. Eni, an Italian energy business, has a shareholder in Vargronn.

As per TEPCO, the commercial operations of Green Volt and Cenos should begin in 2028 and 2030, respectively.

The Japanese corporation recently made its first equity investment in foreign wind power by contributing an unknown sum to the British floating offshore wind power startup Flotation Energy.

TEPCO plans to develop 6-7 GW of new offshore wind and hydroelectric power assets by 2030, so its international investments are in line with that goal.

Based on a separate statements made by Green Volt and Cenos, the power and grid connection provided by their respective wind farms will supply local oil and gas platforms in place of power produced by gas turbines.

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