Looking Ahead: 2024, A Philippine Economic and Business Assessments Forum


Looking Ahead: 2024, A Philippine Economic and Business Assessments ForumLeaders and visionaries from the world of busi- ness, government, and academia in the Phili- ppines will convene at the highly anticipated LOOKING AHEAD: 2024, a Philippine Economic and Business Assessments Forum, scheduled for March 8, 2024 at the New World Makati Hotel, Metro Manila, Philippines. This exclusive event, organized by Leverage International (Consult- ants) Inc. promises to be a transformative plat- form to look ahead for a better understanding of how future developments on some key factors may be inflexion points for running business and hopefully, help to shape a resilient future for the nation.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and on-going global upheavals around the globe, this Thought Leaders Forum will present a comprehensive assessment of the current economic landscape and potential business growth in the Philippines. This gathering offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders to engage in critical discussions, share insights, and collaborate on strategies for sustainable economic development.

The Conference Agenda is divided into 3 parts: I. The Economy: Post Pandemic; II. Economic and Business Assessments and Outlook; and III. Business Trends Every Business Must get Ready for in 2024.  Some of the best minds in the financial community, government leaders  and businessmen will share their assessments and outlook.

Business leaders today must navigate a world transformed by global uncertainties, technological advancements, changing business models and a renewed focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Join this forum for updates on the latest developments affecting business. For registration and additional information, please visit our website at

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