Mashreq NEO PAY Join Hands with Nymbl To Advance Payment Solutions


NEO PAY, which is powered by Mashreq, has formed a strategic alliance with Nymbl. This agreement seeks to provide SME's with a comprehensive payment solution that combines in-store and online payment acceptance on a single platform. This collaboration intends to develop a Unified SME Commerce Platform by integrating NEO PAY, providing merchants with a solution for effortlessly managing their transactions.

Nymbl’s Unified Commerce Platform provides merchants with advanced payment processing across certified terminals and an Internet Payment Gateway for online transactions. NEO PAY will integrate Nymbl Pay’s features, allowing its merchants the ability to access the Unified Commerce Platform for all in-store and online payment management, as per zawya.

The Nymbl Unified SME Commerce Platform integrates POS and Operations Modules, as well as Inventory Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Tax Management, Analytics, Payments, and Open Banking. This connection simplifies processes for SMEs, resulting in greater efficiency and production. Furthermore, innovative capabilities such as order and pay at table, order and pay on kiosks, QR Menu, scan and pay further improve procedures and provide businesses with a user-friendly payment experience.  

Merchants may obtain access to an end-to-end solution that seamlessly combines all areas of their business operations by integrating Nymbl's Unified SME Commerce Platform with NEO PAY's product offering. This strategic alliance is designed to set a new standard in the SME economics and management by using NEO PAY's enormous customer base to give a comprehensive solution that solves company demands.

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