Maxis partners with Google Cloud and AWS for the GenAI initiative


Maxis, the Malaysian telecommunications company, has broadened its strategic partnership with both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate its venture into generative AI (GenAI), aiming to enhance the efficiency of its internal and external operations. These announcements were made by Maxis and its partners in two distinct statements during the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Maxis disclosed plans to incorporate Google Cloud's GenAI capabilities into its workflow and customer service processes.

Maxis is set to leverage Google Cloud's Duet AI for Developers platform, which offers AI-powered coding assistance in natural language, along with the multimodal capabilities provided by the Gemini models on the Vertex AI platform. Through the integration of these platform capabilities, Maxis anticipates enhancements in internal processes, increased productivity, access to new operational insights, and improved modeling of customer behavior, according to the company's statement.

"Embracing cutting-edge GenAI in our workplace not only automates processes but empowers employees to focus on strategic tasks while streamlining processes. Through AI integration, we can enhance efficiency, elevate customer service with data-driven insights and foster continuous improvement", said Maxis CIO Ng May Ching in a statement released Monday at MWC in Barcelona.

Incorporating Google Cloud's AI capabilities into its internal infrastructure aligns with Maxis' strategy of embracing a comprehensive framework that amalgamates data, AI, and cybersecurity to fortify its digital resilience, stated the company. Additionally, Maxis and Google Cloud will persist in crafting practical GenAI solutions tailored for data analytics and cybersecurity while also broadening GenAI expertise among Maxis staff.

Maxis plans to broaden the reach of its GenAI initiatives through its primary community programs, eKelas Usahawan and eKelas, aiming to equip individuals and school students with essential skills in an AI-centric landscape. In its extended partnership with AWS, Maxis intends to leverage its cutting-edge 5G capabilities alongside AWS' GenAI solutions to drive innovation across specific verticals like retail, manufacturing, logistics, and financial services.

"Building on AWS, Maxis will be able to offer integrated solutions designed to adapt to evolving business needs, providing enterprises with a competitive edge through technology advancements", the company said in a press release.

Additionally, Maxis announced its capability to utilize AWS's sophisticated machine learning capabilities for the construction, training, and deployment of AI models on a large scale, aiming to fully harness the potential of artificial intelligence. "The combined efforts of GenAI integration and large language model trained to support the Bahasa Melayu language will also help accelerate the digital transformation journey for more Malaysian businesses", the company added.

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