Mayank Agochiya Named FEV Asia's President


GermanGerman engineering service provider FEV has appointed Mayank Agochiya as President of FEV Asia, effective January 1. Agochiya, bringing over two decades of experience in engineering and strategic consulting across Asia, Europe, and North America, will now be part of FEV's global management board. FEV is a prominent global player driving innovation in the mobility, energy, and software development sectors.

Having joined FEV in 2016, Mayank Agochiya previously served as the Managing Director of FEV Consulting in the U.S., overseeing the successful expansion of the company. While taking on his new role as President of FEV Asia, he will also continue to temporarily hold the position of Managing Director for FEV Consulting. Agochiya initiated his career as a calibration engineer in India and Japan, progressing through various managerial roles in Korea, China, and Turkey. He takes over from Ulrich Pfahl, who departed FEV voluntarily.

Patrick Hupperich, President & CEO of FEV Group, expressed satisfaction in the appointment of Mayank Agochiya, citing his ideal fit for the role. Hupperich also extended gratitude to Ulrich Pfahl for their collaborative and successful partnership over the past six years.

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