Mitsubishi Corporation ventures in Swedish Biofuels


By utilising Swedish Biofuels' superior alcohol to jet (ATJ) technology, Mitsubishi Corporation and Swedish Biofuels AB plan to speed the commercial deployment of clean renewable fuels.

The method converts a variety of biogenic feedstocks into fully formulated sustainable aviation fuel (FFSAF). Since Swedish Biofuels FFSAF is actual jet fuel that is ready to use rather than a mix component, it differs from other SAFs. Engine manufacturers have tested the FFSAF with success under US DARPA, US FAA, and Swedish FMV programmes.

The first advanced ATJ technology in the world, developed by Sweden Biofuels, aims to completely replace fossil jet fuel with FFSAF.

Dr. Angelica Hull, the MD of Swedish Biofuels, said that the firm is honoured by Mitsubishi Corporation's investment choice, which offers Swedish Biofuels an extraordinary strategic partnership, including access to feedstock, sales support, marketing, and commercial operations. The company anticipates that this agreement will hasten the adoption of its cutting-edge ATJ technology in its home market and outside.

In addition to developing and running businesses in almost every sector of the economy, including natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum & chemicals solutions, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive & mobility, food & beverage, consumer goods, power solutions, and urban development, is Mitsubishi Corporation.

Swedish Biofuels, a Stockholm-based business, is committed to improving global safety by providing cutting-edge technology to create products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and of the highest quality while still meeting legal requirements.

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