Mohan Veloo Joins F5 as the New Chief Technology Officer for APCJ Region


F5 has introduced Mohan Veloo as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Asia-Pacific, China, and Japan (APCJ) region, effective from April 30, 2024. This newly established position underscores the company's dedication to equipping APCJ organizations with cutting-edge technological advancements to excel in the age of AI. Veloo will lead in defining F5's technological direction for the region, focusing on enhancing application security in contemporary infrastructure environments.

Bringing to the table more than twenty years of expertise in the information technology domain, Veloo stands as a seasoned senior executive deeply invested in applications and their intricate aspects of connectivity, security, and functionality. Throughout his career, he has assumed pivotal leadership positions in solutions engineering across prominent technology firms, including a significant tenure at Oracle spanning over a decade. Rejoining F5 after an absence of more than ten years, Veloo reintroduces invaluable insights garnered from his past roles as Vice President of Solutions Engineering for APCJ and Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering. Prior to his return, Veloo served as Vice President of Solutions Consulting at Zscaler.

"In the dynamic landscape of today's digital economy, businesses across all industries are not only adapting but also innovating in the face of expanding cybersecurity risks. F5’s portfolio enables enterprises to become more agile and secure”,  Kunal Anand, CTO, F5 said. He added, “With his profound expertise in application services and solution architecture, Veloo is uniquely qualified for this pivotal role. His appointment underscores our commitment to leading the digital transformation journey with visionary leadership and advanced technology".

Adam Judd, Senior Vice President of APCJ Sales, F5 said, “We are delighted to welcome Veloo back to F5 as our new CTO. His extensive expertise and strong technical leadership will be crucial to our continued success in the region. We are confident that his strategic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence will be instrumental in strengthening F5’s commitment to being an AI enabler as we help organizations across the region protect and power every application, everywhere”.

Veloo steps into his new role at a pivotal juncture for APCJ enterprises, seizing opportunities presented by AI advancements. Yet, alongside these prospects come formidable hurdles, such as the escalating complexity and ever-evolving threat landscapes accompanying the widespread adoption of AI in the region. In light of these challenges, F5 has strategically infused AI capabilities throughout its range of solutions.

“I am thrilled to be returning to F5 and honored to be driving the company’s technology vision in the region,” Veloo said, adding that this is a time when application delivery and security have never been more important and complex. “I am particularly excited about the opportunities in leveraging AI to easily optimise application performance, resilience, and security, anywhere. I look forward to working with our fantastic teams to continue empowering APCJ organizations to thrive with comprehensive, AI-ready solutions”, he said.

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