Nippon Paint India Acquires VIBGYOR Paints and Chemicals



Nippon Paint, the prominent paint and coatings company in Asia, has announced its complete acquisition of VIBGYOR Paints and Chemicals Pondicherry, a significant paints and coatings supplier in South India. This strategic move is aimed at solidifying Nippon Paint's position in the expanding industrial coatings sector, particularly targeting the Indian Railways segment. Following this acquisition, VIBGYOR Paints and Chemicals Pondicherry, recognized for its expertise in providing top-notch paints to Indian Railways, will operate as a division within Nippon Paint India. By leveraging Nippon Paint's resources and extensive network, the division is poised to further its growth and enhance its market leadership. Additionally, as part of the acquisition, key members of the VIBGYOR team will join Nippon Paint, ensuring a smooth transition and retaining valuable industry knowledge within the Nippon Paint India organization.

Sharad Malhotra, Director and President (Automotive Refinishes) at Nippon Paint India, expressed that the acquisition of VIBGYOR Paints and Chemicals signifies a significant stride in their growth strategy within India. This move not only establishes a strong presence in the Indian Railways sector but also facilitates the expansion of their commercial vehicles and industrial paints business across the country. Malhotra warmly welcomed the VIBGYOR team into the Nippon Paint family, acknowledging the positive impact this acquisition will bring to their overall goals.

VIBGYOR Paints and Chemicals Pondicherry holds a prominent position in the Indian paint market, steadily growing in importance. The company boasts a commendable track record in supplying paints to Indian Railways and its affiliated coach, wagon, and related manufacturing entities. Renowned for its quality products and exceptional customer service, VIBGYOR operates a strategically located manufacturing unit in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, with ample production capacity to meet escalating industrial demands. Notably, VIBGYOR has introduced numerous innovative products that enhance both the visual appeal and functional performance of paints for its clientele. By transitioning into a division of Nippon Paint India, VIBGYOR anticipates leveraging Nippon Paint's technological expertise, supply chain, and marketing capabilities, further solidifying its position as a leading paint brand in the Indian market.

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