BLAST Teams Up with NODWIN for India, Pakistan Esports Expansion


BlastBLAST, an esports entertainment firm, has partnered with NODWIN Gaming, the prominent esports and gaming media company in South Asia. Together, they're introducing 'The Draft,' a Counter-Strike tournament designed to provide teams from India and Pakistan with the opportunity to compete alongside top-tier players on a worldwide platform. This tournament aims to propel Indian and Pakistani Counter-Strike teams into the global spotlight. Offering a substantial prize pool of $50,000, participating teams will not only vie for the winnings but also get the chance to play alongside and face off against renowned international Counter-Strike professionals, as stated by the company.

The commencement of 'The Draft' involves 64 teams from India and Pakistan engaging in online qualifier tournaments towards the end of January. Faye Marlborough, BLAST's Brand Director, emphasized the significance of granting emerging esports and gaming markets opportunities to participate on an international level for their continual advancement. The tournament not only serves as a platform for aspiring players but also promises an exhilarating competition for both global and local fans, as stated in a press release.

These initial 64 teams will compete for spots in the Pakistan and India online group stages, where each group will provide 6 sought-after positions. From these group stages, the top 3 teams in each group will advance to the Super Six LAN event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, set for February. During this event, each team will have the chance to collaborate with a Counter-Strike legend through a unique draft-inspired selection process, offering local talents an opportunity to learn from the best in the world. Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming, described 'The Draft' as a celebration of skill, strategy, and the unyielding spirit of esports, uniting the finest talents from the local gaming scene with some of the most prominent names in global Counter-Strike.

The tournament is expected to attract a global audience across 150 territories and 28 languages through BLAST's extensive global broadcast network. Additionally, the company anticipates thousands of fans gathering at the state-of-the-art Etihad Arena to witness the event firsthand.

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